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Bardot (Australian Popstars)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by The Rural Juror, Aug 17, 2019.

  1. My AM vibes here stateside. I wish this was a single.
  2. At the moment, nothing official is happening. Belinda has said an unreleased track will be made available ‘soon’ but given no actual date or time frame. The greatest hits album is up for preorder on digital sites for the 23rd April and as of last night, strangely, both their first and second album have been put up again on digital music sites but under the label ‘Bardot’. These are also cheaper at £6.99, so it’s a strange move to have both then albums up at different prices.

    But apart from that, nothing else has been announced or is happening.
  3. Remember reading Australian smash hits and Tammin Sursok saying she was originally offered I Need Somebody, went on to say it was good for Bardot but wasn’t the sound she wanted for her album.
    Glad it went to Bardot, it’s up there as one of their best songs.
  4. If only there was someone on this forum who hosts a podcast with one of the members...
  5. Ha ha oh believe me I've tried to dig but Katie says the fans usually find out things before she does so I'm just as in the dark as everyone.
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  6. This performance just got added to youtube today - I think it's from Pepsi Chart Show UK? Nice live vocals.

    Also my brother was recently digitising some of my old VHS tapes and there is a live performance of 'Poison' on SMTV in there. Will try and get round to uploading it soon!
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  7. Sigh.... They we're pretty damn good. So much better than hear'say.

    The styling in that performance is ... Interesting. In particular Tiffani's WWII hat and Belinda's bandana. At least the colour palette matches.
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  8. Poison is a bop but I always end up playing Duran Duran's Union Of The Snake straight after.
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  9. I'm not overly familiar with 'Union...' (I was like 4 or something when it was released), and just listened to it. Wow. The lead-in to the chorus was clearly an 'inspiration' for 'Poison'.
  10. Hope we hear some news about ‘Something Worth Fighting For’ soon. I remember it being on the original track list for the ASAP single back in the day, so it’s great it’ll finally be getting some form of release.
  11. Well, the digital release of the Greatest Hits comes out on the 23rd April, so I am hoping that they announce (or release) something alongside it too!
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  12. It would definitely make the most sense to do that. Fingers crossed!
  13. When I first heard heard Poison back in the day I was like

    Either nobody from camp Duran noticed or both songs fell under the same publishing umbrella? You just know if the song went Blurred Lines big and sold millions there'd be a lawsuit.
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  14. Ooh! Glad the Greatest Hits release went well enough that they are doing this!

    On another note, I hope we can get "Empty Room", "Do It For Love" and "Hit N Run" up on DSPs at some point too...I will never understand how "Empty Room" didn't make the album after the massive push it got from the show!
  15. Beyond excited for this! Cannot wait to add these to the collection, especially Play it Like That!

    Was originally torn whether to order both albums, but in the end, I decided to get the pair as it is to good an opportunity to miss!

    My only two wishes with these are (a) I wish they were gate fold double LPs with extra pictures etc on the inside and (b) the b-side tracks were included.
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  16. It seems my wish has been granted!

    This Friday, Bardot are not only releasing their Greatest Hits onto streaming platforms, they are also releasing a B-Sides and Remixes album too! With vinyls of their albums coming in July, it really is a great time to be a Bardot fan right now! Utterly spoilt!

    The new B-Sides and Remixes album contains a previously unreleased song, ‘Something Worth Fighting For’ as well as ‘Empty Room’, Do It For Love’ and ‘Hit N Run. The album also contains the acoustic version of ‘Love Will Find a Way’ as well as 15 remixes both single edit and full length of the songs!

    Up for preorder on iTunes now!
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  17. Loving the cover as well!!

  18. I know these are designed by fans but the size of the 'REMIXED' title in that cover...
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  19. Now the only thing left for them to release / upload would be their entire back catalogue of music videos onto iTunes. Having these available to download worldwide would be amazing!
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