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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by The Rural Juror, Aug 17, 2019.

  1. Whilst they are still being generous to the fans, I would also like:
    • The Katie Underwood versions of "ASAP" and "Hit 'n' Run".
    • Whatever Chantelle version of first album songs there are.
    • The initial demoes of their songs.
    • Closure on the lyric "2 3 4 letter word".
    Ta girls!
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  2. If we are asking for dream requests from the girls, I’d like to add the following:
    • Katie Underwood’s collection added to international streaming, including, ‘Beautiful’, ‘Magic’, ‘Be Together’ and ‘Danger’
    • Belinda Chapple’s solo songs, including, ‘Move Together’, Take Me to the City’ and anything she did with BooBoyd!
  3. It’s on Spotify!!

  4. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Screaming at how Sophie's pic isn't even in sync. This is a surprisingly well run nostalgia-based fan-led campaign.
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  5. Hit N Run is gorgeous.
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  6. Out of curiosity, is this the first time you have heard it?

    Such an incredible song and the only reason it wasn’t on the second album, was it took them to long to remove Katie’s vocals which was on the second verse, and it missed the album deadline so was left as a b-side.

    Even written by pop royalty, Cathy Dennis too!
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  7. I never caught Katie vocals on the second verse now I need to relisten
  8. Katie’s vocals are not on them anymore. Back when Tiffani used to have her own website, I was chatting to her about Hit N Run and she explained that Katie had recorded the second verse, however when she left they removed her vocals and inserted her part instead, hence why it goes from her verse to her also singing the bridge.
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  9. Yes I only had the albums and the Poison / I Need Somebody CD singles.
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  10. Ohh ok. Man I hope one day the original version with Katie is she recorded the whole 2nd album.before leaving
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  11. Im not 100% sure, but I don’t think she recorded the entire album no. I know she definitely recorded all the songs they did in the UK. So, ‘ASAP’, ‘When the Cats Away’ and ‘Hit N Run’ originally had her vocals, but these were removed when she left. I’m not sure about ‘I Need Somebody’, but for the rest of the album, that was recorded in Australia, so I doubt she featured in these.
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  12. You know what I always thought i heard Katie in the background on ASAP especially on the "Back Off You Can't Touch This Chemistry" part. So its cool to know she actually did record on the song. I would have loved to have heard Katie on Before I Let You Go and It's Alright
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  13. She's confirmed she only recorded "ASAP" and "Hit N Run" from the 2nd album, although I'm not sure where "Something Worth Fighting For" fits in timeline wise as she features on that prominently.

    She mentions it here thanks to @AussiePopstar and co's interview. 51 mins onwards, it's one of the catalysts to her leaving the band.

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  14. What timestamp does she talk about it
  15. 51min onwards. It's pivotal to why she left the band eventually.

    (I thought I had linked with the timestamp so apologies for that).
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  16. It's ok thanks alot bout to give this a listen now I always wondered what was the deal why she left
  17. Also, if anyone wants to hear what "Something Worth Fighting For" eventually became as an anthem for a boxer (!).

    I prefer Bardot's version. The song and lyrics are so aggressive though! "I'M GONNA KNOCK YOU OUT TONIGHT!!!"
  18. Watched Katie's interview and I find weird how the manager basically tried to push Katie out the group with the Hair deal considering they were literally in the midst of recording the 2nd album. Finally listened to "Something Worth Fighting For" it definitely did not fit the sound of Play It Like That at all it sounds just like a fighter theme song it was used for but glad to hear it though.
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  19. What's even weirder that it seems like he tried to hide the fact she got the part from her? Maybe he changed his mind by then, who knows!
  20. @AussiePopstar you're such a cutie
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