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Bardot (Australian Popstars)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by The Rural Juror, Aug 17, 2019.

  1. Nawwww stop, but don't.
    Must say I've bopped a few times to "Empty Room" now it's freely available.
    What a choon for a B-Side
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  2. Still amazes me that for a song that had so much exposure on the television programme, that is was relegated to b-side status.

    If they used this track, ‘Poison’ and ‘These Days’ as the blue print for their sound, and went further in this direction, it would have been interesting to see what the album may have been, rather than having songs such as ‘Girls Do, Boys Dont’, ‘What Have You Done’, ‘Other Side of Love’ and ‘Holding On’.
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  3. I'm sure the appearance of "Empty Room" on the "Poison" single could have helped push sales since it was so prominent on the show.

    It is such a great track - Katie in particular sounds amazing and I love Sally's talky-bit in the middle 8.
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  4. It's astonishing to think that, just over 18 months ago, Bardot's music wasn't even on Spotify.

    Sally just needs to be convinced...and then they're back. The blueprint is there with what No Angels are doing in 2021.
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  5. Considering she was the one that came forward with the business plan for a ten and twenty year reunion if there was a change of heart and some mending bridges I'd imagine that SOMETHING would happen.
    Maybe for the 25th anniversary?
  6. Where do I know Empty Room from? It's very familiar like I bopped to it a lot in 00s but not sure it was the Bardot version I liked?

    I tried Spotify credits and

    Screenshot 2021-04-27 at 10.44.43 AM.png

    'Written by W.H.Oknows'
    This really is a coverlandia 'by fans' campaign.
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  7. I checked the CD single credits and all it says for Empty Room is Written by E. Scott and produced by Michael Szumowski for Studio M productions.

    I know what you mean though. I’ve bopped to this song for years from the single but it does have a VERY soundalike sound to it to another dance track (probably several of them) but I can’t pinpoint where from.
  8. Yes I found the same thing by checking Discogs and the german CD has her full name as Elizabeth Scott.

    Ugh I'm getting song by late 90s faceless dance project (like drum and bass or EBTG rip off) or Eurovision track.
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  9. I only heard Empty Room for the first time a few days ago and the first thing that came to mind was that it’s very Todd Terry remix of Missing without the budget.
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  10. In case anyone wants to see their first album performed live...

    They certainly felt more like a band than Hear'say!
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  11. I live for these performatic dancers behind them!
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  12. Keiran actually went on to be in the final 10 that would make up "Scandal'us" in season 2 of "Popstars"
    I always wanted that left over group of five to do a Liberty X but sadly it didn't happen.
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  13. We watched this last night and what a trip down memory lane it was! Such a brilliant little concert and so wonderfully lucky to have this. In fact, lucky to have been spoilt with everything released so far!

    What with being in the UK, does anybody know how this release has gone down in their native land of Australia? Has their been exposure? Reviews? Surge of interest? Also does anybody know chart positions (not that it matters), either iTunes or anything else?

    As I said, charts do not bother me really, but just fascinated to know how this whether this rerelease has had any cultural impact at all?

    Either way, I cannot stop listening to their tracks and I can guarantee that my Spotify end of year playlist is going to be filed with the girls!
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  14. And Sally's dancer (Jason?) was one of the judges on Popstars Series 2 so I wonder what kind of interaction went on there!

    Also, I never realized how literal some of the moves are. E.g. "2 3 4 letter word" with corresponding finger gestures, "shoes on my feet" accompanied with pointing of fingers to your feet. Truly groundbreaking choreography!
  15. Jason was the choreographer for Bardot as well.
    He's actually a big deal in the dance industry in Oz.
    He was a judge on our version of
    "So You Think You Can Dance" and owns a big full time performing arts studio "Ministry of Dance".
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  16. Yeah I remember that he was specifically mentioned by the Right Back Ya boys.

    He was amusingly very "intense" and a good representative of what dancers and choreographers can be like.

    And of course, courtesy of your own investigative journalism, Katie mentioned that he randomly and unexpectedly turned up to one of her meditation classes. Evidently he's a bit stressed from his dancing empire.
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  17. This is giving me "Directed by Alan Smithee" energy.
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  18. Which Bardot's songs are covers from other artists, please?

    "Girls Do, Boys Don't" sounds very familiar to me...
  19. Higher Than Heaven & Dirty Water are covers
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  20. You are right.

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