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Bardot (Australian Popstars)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by The Rural Juror, Aug 17, 2019.

  1. What happened with the Bardot reunion? Were the five members involved in the release of their greatest hits vinyl?

    I have read there was some bad blood with Sophie and Sally...
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  2. Sally was involved at one point a few years back, she had mapped out a business plan and how it could work, however family commitments and bad blood between members soon reared its head and plans collapsed.

    Sophie hasn’t really ever been involved in getting back together, acknowledging at certain points and distancing herself at other times.

    During the release of the Greatest Hits, Katie, Tiffani and Belinda have done the most to acknowledge its release and help promote, but apart from the three singing a few live performances last year over Zoom, nothing more has really come of it.

    Sophie hasn’t mentioned the Greatest Hits or the B-side collection at all.

    There may be more to this and I know there are members on here that have interviewed them, so can definitely add more to the story too!
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  3. This is so interesting, I would love to learn more about it.

    It would be lovely if they could get back, even if it's featuring Chantelle Barry! Hehehehe.
  4. The four girls need to come back, and just give it a crack without the Monk. Monk was the weaker vocalist anyway, and with Katie back it will be very interesting.

    One day hopefully...
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  5. But it seems the record company dropped them to focus on Sophie Monk's solo career, didn't it?
  6. We are talking about over 10 years ago now. I am talking about now, and don't really see a label only signing them if Sophie joined.
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  7. Love this interview where Belinda and Tiffani confirmed they wanted to keep the band going back then...
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  8. I think any chance of a reunion of the group, in whatever formation, would have to wait until the 25th anniversary so that their younger children would be at an easier age to allow them to work.
    You never know what other things are in the works though.
  9. Wishful thinking or do you perhaps know something? The suspense is real!
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  10. Maybe I'm pessimistic, but the most I can see them do in the near future, particularly when travel restrictions ease up, is:

    1) The four of them (minus Sophie), meeting up for that coffee/bbq and an Instagram post.

    2) The most active three (Tiffani, Katie, Belinda) singing acapella.

    3) Katie continuing to do reinterpretations of past songs.

    So basically what they've done already. As @AussiePopstar remarked, they might do something more substantial in a couple of years time when their children are slightly older and there is more certainty in the world.

    I don't think Sophie has acknowledged anything from the reunion. And she's frankly, really not the same person anymore.

    Personally, they've exceeded my expectations with what they did in the last year. I think the positive public reception has definitely boosted their confidence and that they can acknowledge their past with pride. Hopefully they'll remember this for the the next milestone.

    I'll still hold out for a tell all documentary/ Belinda's book.
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  11. I can see why Sophie doesn't want to have anything to do with Bardot. Watching their videos she was just a backing singer and didn't have solos... At least I'm glad she got her own album and could shine on her own.
  12. Would love a comeback. I'll have to just keep watching their old performances.

    Love when one of them sings "need somebody" and the rest sing "want somebody". Hahahaha.
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  13. Sadly the reality is there is no demand for them, apart from a few of us. They have been gone too long, and a lot of those teen fans since have grown up and moved on. There best bet would be doing those retro old 90's gig with other acts, where they can do a few songs (but with covid that won't happen).
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  14. So listening to new Right Back At Ya! episode and Katie says her and Belinda are back in the studio working on music for next year… not sure if the other girls are involved also?
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  15. Not Bardot related, just a fun duet, as far as I know.
  16. They can call Tiffani and they would be Bardot. Hahaha.

    I wished they could be joined by Chantelle and re-release their debut album as a four members group featuring her too (were her vocals totally removed, by the way?).
  17. Watch this be some meditation muzak to be played in a House of Chapple styled room...

    But happy they are creating something together!
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  18. Id be here for it talk about Irony if Chantelle were to replace Sophie
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  19. Portuguese Popstars' NonStop covered Poison in their second album.
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  20. Huh...and none of us stans knew about this!

    Bardot's version is infinitely better ("Tiffani's velvety vocals, the missing bass"). The production on the NonStop version seems cheap, tinny, and extremely pop. Perhaps it's the original demo?

    Also, that screen preview is awful (and hilarious). No questions on who the leader of the band was, the second lead vocalists, and the Michelle.

    "NonStop" is an ironic name for a pop reality band given their limited shelf life, but also representative of the non-stop schedules they likely had.
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