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Bardot (Australian Popstars)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by The Rural Juror, Aug 17, 2019.

  1. The sun is shining here in the UK and having a ball blasting out Bardot over a BBQ! Even the neighbours are enjoying the summer soundtrack!

    These queens would be great to get back together, even just the three (Katie, Belinda and Tiffani) and do a couple of tracks, even a summer EP!
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  2. An EP would be fine of new tracks, and maybe a retake on two of their hits like they did during lockdown
  3. Has anyone in the UK ordered the vinyls yet? Or if they have been sent?
  4. Bardot has a EP out with ‘2021 Remixes’. I don’t think they’re anything special. It’s as if someone found a template for generic remixes and aligned the songs to it. Poison is perhaps the most interesting.

  5. Who's trying so hard to make Bardot great again in 2021? I don't get it.
  6. I feel like it's Belinda behind all of this?
  7. Katie was mega pumped about it when she was on the show today and it's a nice little surprise for fans at least.
  8. The Poison remix is the best by far - it gives the song more energy.
  9. LPT


    I think the remixes are pretty brilliant. They are giving fans alot to commemorate the anniversary and I for one am thankful we are getting anything at all!
  10. That's why I'm wondering who is in charge of all this effort.

    I can't see any other Popstars band members doing that on their own.

    When these groups celebrate a reunion they usually try to tour or just try to do a couple of gigs, but the different releases by Bardot is something unexpected for me and I keep asking myself who's behind them (the three remaining girls? an indie label?).
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  11. Regardless of who is behind this account, raising the profile of the girls and putting their releases up on streaming/download services, to have an EP of songs remixes in 2021 as part of their anniversary is an achievement like no other.

    The songs sound fresh, almost like rediscovering them again after 20 years. Apart from ‘I Should Have Never Let You Go’ (which I had never liked anyway), the three remaining songs each bring something new to the table and are a joy to listen to. ‘Higher than Heaven’ being transformed into a Tropica Pop sound reminiscent of ‘Higher Love’ utterly slaps and brings Sophie’s alive, soaring over those sun soaked beats. Whereas. ‘These Days’ has a flavour of Doja Cat’s ‘Say So’. Both of these are an absolute highlight. Then comes ‘Poison’ with its added squelches, thumping beats and darker tones weaved throughout and you have a trilogy of masterpieces!

    Now, the next stage would be to do the same and release an up to date 2021 remixed album of ‘Play it Like That’. Bring to life ‘ASAP’, ‘I Need Somebody’, ‘Love Will Find A Way’ and even ‘Don’t Call Me’ for a new audience and I’ll have my wig snatched for sure!
  12. Maybe it's Sophie who put that playlist together
  13. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Sophie is probably making arrangements for a tv network or a tabloid will livestream her wedding like the stunt queen she is rather than have anything to do with getting Bardot music online.
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  14. She is hosting the Aussie Beauty & The Geek currently, so this checks out! Dddd
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  15. As the geek though! Twist!
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  16. The show is super cringe
  17. I wonder that if offered a TV deal, similar to that of Steps, whether all five would come back. A one off televised performance? A build up to recording new material?

    It would just too this year off if they could get back together and do something (with or without Sophie).
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  18. The vinyls I ordered came yesterday and they are great quality! Listened to the Greatest Hits and it’s a great collection of songs!
  19. Cannot wait for my vinyls to arrive in the UK! Ordered these on first day of pre order and been waiting so patiently for their arrival, which is currently in transit! So exciting to see and hear of other Bardot fans in the UK too!
  20. So it seems Sophie Monk has decided to make a return to the charts and see what happens. She is releasing a new single, ‘Nice to Meet You’ next Monday.

    A very jazzy country-lite sounding affair with very sultry sounding lyrics. Her voice sounds pleasant enough and you can hear a preview on iTunes.

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