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Bardot (Australian Popstars)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by The Rural Juror, Aug 17, 2019.

  1. Huh...I would not have suspected this from her! I wonder what made her want to pursue singing again. Was it the other girls?

    I'm intrigued but also not expecting great things...
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  2. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I love her. Hope she gets an iconic televised live performance out of this.
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  3. I suspect her stint on The Masked Singer was the catalyst to start singing again over the girls celebrating Bardot
  4. I have no doubt that this is part of the reason, but she had already been playing around in the studio before and after her brief stint on the Masked Singer.

    When it comes to Sophie, I’m torn. On one hand I love her, she is funny, able to take the mic out of herself and is such a presence. Yet, on the other hand, I’m personally frustrated she won’t acknowledge Bardot or do some sort of reunion. I know I have to respect people’s decisions, but it is sad to not want to see her involved in any capacity.

    Still, new music is a bonus, it is just a shame she is not going more poppier/dancier or something a little more current. I can’t see this making any impact whatsoever.
  5. Yep very promising indeed. The end feels like it could segue into Kylie's "I Love It".

    Kabel is cute as well.
  6. So excited for Katie and Belinda!

    love these girls so much, their interview on Studio 10 was great, they seem so passionate about this project

    Broken Hearted is gonna be great, from the sound of the 15 second snippet I’m already in love, classic but current at the same time and they sound great.

    I thought more people would be talking about this on here
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  8. I love that Belinda is already thinking towards the next release.
    It's great that they're both still wanting to make music for the fans.
    If you want to help out and ensure future releases then get all old school and pre-order the track in iTunes.
  9. Excited for this! It's interesting they're going a bit old-school in the sense that they are doing interviews/promo before it comes out.
  10. download.jpeg
    Katie and Belinda's new duo project KA'BEL have released their debut single "Brokenhearted".
    It's disco pop fantastic and y'all should download and stream it.
  11. Really dumb question, but where can we hear the full version of it?

    They've been hyping up the release to buy it etc. But I haven't heard anything beyond the short snippets. The interviews they've done also haven't mentioned it or played much of the song.
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  13. It’s so, so good.
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  14. So the wonderful Katie Underwood joined us to interview Aussie dance/pop diva Joanne.
    If you're a fan of Aussie pop music this is a great conversation with 2 amazing artists
  15. wow first time I have heard of this, and I am liking the song. Well done ladies!
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  16. LPT


    It's so plush. I adore it! I've been listening non stop since it came out. So good to hear their voices.
  17. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I’m screaming that Sophie Monk got an “essentials” playlist on Apple Music to promote her new single even though it’s 80% Bardot songs. Scammer queen.
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