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Bardot (Australian Popstars)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by The Rural Juror, Aug 17, 2019.

  1. "Essentials" is a stretch
  2. Sophie of course uses Bardot when it works FOR HER. She's always the 'me queen'.
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  3. Well you don't destroy a band if you don't have an ego right?
  4. Island

    Island Staff Member

    She’s THE queen. An inspiration.
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  5. Get the Music On should have been given to Bardot when that shitty manager of theirs had first acquired them and not saved it for Sophie.

    It would have made an amazing follow up to I Need Somebody.

    Furthermore, Don’t Call Me (I’ll Call You) and a single mix of Play It Like That should have all been released as singles too!
  6. I always got the impression that Sophie didn't necessarily want to go solo on her own accord, but was slowly enticed by the second manager (David Capplice) with the dream of greater fame and fortune. Sophie is/was just very naive. The new manager sounds like a snake to be honest...

    One can only dream of the alternative Bardot timelines where Chantelle wasn't kicked out, Katie didn't leave, and Bardot had a few more albums in them!
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  7. Island

    Island Staff Member

    The whole Katie leaving situation is really one of the most shady girl group kick-out stories.
  8. I didn't know about this duo!

    By the way, Sophie's voice has changed a lot, hasn't it?
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  9. Her voice has deepened tremendously she's definitely been smoking but I like the texture it's added to her voice tho. She still has the similar tone it's just sitting lower this time now
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  10. Ka’Bel are back in the studio recording a second single. Katie Underwood posted a few clips on her Instagram the other day, but no snippets unfortunately!

    As long as it is another banger like ‘Broken Hearted’ I’ll be happy!
  11. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Sophie got married!

  12. Congratulations to Sophie…she does look absolutely stunning in those photos and that dress!
  13. Apologies for the double post, but Belinda has announced that in conjunction with Paramount Australia and Channel 10, that she will produce a brand-new 8-part drama titled ‘Paper Dolls’.

    Set in the early 2000’s, Paper Dolls is based around a group of girls who are chosen as part of a reality show to form a Girl Band, called ‘Indigo’. Drawing from her own experiences, the tv show is set to film this year for release end of 2022/2023.
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  14. I cannot wait to see how true to life "Paper Dolls" will be to the Bardot story.
    Everything we know would already make an amazing TV show but I'm sure there's a lot of behind the scenes drama that will be exposed through the fictional group.
    It'll also be interesting to see how the other women and whether this gives the Bardot fanbase another re-kindling?
  15. I'm here for the new songs "Venom", "Vacant Space", "RSVP" and "Searching on Tinder (this one's for Belinda)" to be the new updated bops.
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  16. Wow! I think I'm gonna love this TV show!!
  17. I look forward to this. If only Tiffany and Sally would join up.
  18. LPT


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  19. Tiffany yes, Sally (no offence, as I do love her) but whether she rejoined or not, would not fuss me. Especially as she has been incredibly indifferent regarding any talk of Bardot. She has her family and is so happy with that. Tiffani however, I would love to join the girls. I mean her voice is just velvet!

    Haha I love this! I had thought of alternative titles too at the time but yours are way more funnier!

    Mine included ‘Poisonous’, ‘I Really Wish I Hadn’t of Let you Leave’, ‘Those Days’, ‘I Want Something’ and ‘CU L8R’.
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  20. 'CU L8R' should expand upon this communication platform.


    CU L8R
    cos I ain't gonna be a H8-er.
    You text me "Where U at?" But you don't know jack.
    Don't care if UR a playa, I'll be BRB
    Cos I'll CU L8R.
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