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Bardot (Australian Popstars)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by The Rural Juror, Aug 17, 2019.

  1. Maybe we can get a Katie, Belinda, Tiffani and Chantelle lineup since Sophie and Sally won't do it?

    I hope Paper Dolls is able to stream here in the US i would love to see it
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  2. Hey Folks,
    Time to jump on your favorite streaming service and pre-save the new KA'BEL EP "Heartstrings". FB_IMG_1651499217825.jpg

  3. The preview for this sounds absolutely banging, a real dancefloor stomper and builds on the work from their previous single, Broken Hearted.

    The girls look and sound like they are having so much fun and one can only hope this leads to a full album or an EP of sorts. It would be great to have something from them as a crowning jewel to this project.
  4. Katie and Belinda were the best members for me anyway. Best of luck on their next banger track.
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  5. The signs were there early on! Sophie being pushed as a both H and Claire months before the breakup (3:55 onwards). CD:UK is not exactly a comedy show (I assume SM:TV was also part of the gig) but Sophie wouldn't have felt out of place.

  6. Wait...another treasure trove of video clips.

    1:30 onwards for Katie's vocals on ASAP. Sounds largely the same but Katie's addition is welcome.

  7. Katie for me is what made Bardot interesting and special. Her look, vibe, and voice made the band edgy.
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  8. I always thought I heard Katie on ASAP she's thick in the background harmonies. man i wish she had stayed. I wonder what verse she would've had
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  9. Her vocals are still layered in there on some parts, especially the chorus and the continued singing of ‘ASAP’ as adlibs but most are removed. Katie’s vocals were also heavily over Hit N Run but took longer to remove, hence missing the album deadline and being used as a b- side instead.

    Thanks for the video uploads too. Living in London, it was great to see these girls against the London backdrop, recording, promoting and having fun. I only wish we got more from these girls!
  10. My undeveloped ears can't hear Katie on the released ASAP... Can @AussiePopstar continue to pester Katie on our behalf to release her demo please?! Thanks!

    It is sad they split and what could have been if they didn't have the meddling management. As a fellow Londoner and stan, they definitely had a lot of potential, and I believe they could have been successful. They also had far more personality (and talent) than Hear'say.

    Katie probably could be a brand ambassador for Cyberdog as well, whilst Sophie presented CD:UK/SM:TV.
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  11. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Those are the only 2 songs Katie recorded for the second album era, right?
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  12. Yes, I had originally thought (since 2001) that Katie had also recorded ‘When the Cat’s Away’ however during the 20th reunion web chats etc, it was confirmed that wasn’t the case and that had been recorded in Australia after her departure.

    I had just assumed with them all sounding similar that they were recorded together.
  13. You think I haven't tried ?
  14. It's not here... yet! (timezone mess etc.)
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  15. Island

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    Two three four letter word!
  16. So, ‘Heartstrings’ has finally dropped and it does not disappoint! From the moment the beat kicks in, to the final fade out, the song absolutely slaps!

    My only wish would be that the song were longer, especially some of those beautiful intros/outros of the dance backing track. The groove grabs you and you don’t want it to let go!

    Overall, well done Ka’Bel - a two out of two so far! Bring on that EP/Album, Queens!
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  17. The harmonies on the long 'your heaaaarrrtttt' are beautiful! Great blend and this is a fun one! Is it crazy that in that first verse Belinda actually kind of sounds like Sophie?! Haha!
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  18. Katie sound so silky, smooth and velvety on her delivery but Belinda totally owns this song through and through!

    It’s lovely how well these two work so well together, that they can take risks and allow one another to sign in their own right and not try to outdo it in their vocal deliveries!
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