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Basia Bulat- Are You in Love?

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by Trouble in Paradise, Mar 27, 2020.

  1. Basia Bulat is a Canadian folky with pop sensibilities and a rich Natalie Merchant-esque voice that more of you need to hear! Her fifth album Are You in Love? came out today and it's amazing! The album is full of lush production like the strings on opener "Are You in Love?" and "Hall of Mirrors." Lead single "Your Girl" has the rollicking thump of some of her earlier work while the dreamy pop landscape from her last album Good Advice is still heard in songs like "Light Years." Easily a contender for my album of the year!

    Tagging my fellow Basia fan @pop3blow2 and others who need to check her out @ohnostalgia @Music Is Life @Sprockrooster @enjoy

    And yes I'm only halfway through my first listen and making her a new thread and calling it my album of they ear. What about it?
  2. ohnostalgia

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  3. I ran out of tags and was trying to diversify! Let me add @Petty Mayonnaise and @Lila to complete our chart family folkies (please forgive me if I forgot someone!)
  4. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

  5. I'm stoked for this. I knew the album was soon, but didn't expect it today! I think this month was so loaded my brain just lost track.

    I listened to 'Love Is At The End Of The World' already (it was in my new release radar). It's fantastic.
  6. Please stalk me if I forget. I am like a month behind on schedule...
  7. Thanks for tagging me! Will give it a listen.
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  8. For first time listeners I think I’d recommend “No Control” as most likely to catch a typical PJer while “Fables” is pure songwriter bliss (and makes a mess of me)
  9. I LOVE this new direction, the delicacy of the album is a welcome change of pace from the very preppy and instant style of Good Advice.
  10. After a few listens, I still love Good Advice more (I just adore that album, though!), but I'm really liking this one a lot. The back half (from 'I Believe it now' onwards) is connecting with me the most. I think 'No Control' is my current fave in this collection.
  11. This is my gentle check in to see if y'all are enjoying this album and/or "The horse video" as @SophiaSophia described "Your Girl" in one of my favorite PopJustice moments ever! I know @Lila has been enjoying it! Love to hear any/all thoughts!
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  12. For weeks I was calling her Horse Video Girl as it was all I could remember, I’ve yet to hear the album it’s on my to do list but I really like Your Girl.
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