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Bastille - ‘Doom Days’ & ‘Other People’s Heartache Pt. 4’

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sam, Mar 27, 2018.

  1. Sam


    It’s finished, apparently.

    And drawing from this article;
    Due early this year.

    I’m quite here for it to be honest. I love Bad Blood, and I was just listening to Wild World this morning. Can’t wait for some more bangers to be depressed to.
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  2. Wild World was good but didn’t stick with me at all. Hoping this time around I’m a bit more into it - Bad Blood defined my 2013 summer.
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  3. I'm currently more interested in the Re-Orchestrated shows and any accompanying release since I managed to snag some much better seats than I originally got and sold my others to a mate, but there hasn't been any sniff of what we're to expect. So hopefully that comes first in a 'Other Peoples Heartache' kind of way with the new album in the Summer.

    As much as I hate to admit it, Wild World also didn't stick with me either, maybe it was because it was just so full on, it became a little exhausting in full album form despite some great-to-brillaint tracks. I still regulalry use Bad Blood though.
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  4. Sam


    Apparently Other People's Heartache IV was meant to come last year? It never materialised for some reason.
  5. I adored Bad Blood so much and also didn't care too much for Wild World. I can't even remember if I sent listened to the whole thing.
  6. The only two tracks I kept from Wild World were Fake It and Lethargy. Maybe I'd like more again on another relisten but I'm hoping the third album sticks with me more.
  7. I'm not sure about this. They posted the intro for it on Christmas Day to tease its eventual release
  8. I loved Wild World when it came out and my roommate and I had a great time at their show and played the album relentlessly in her car. But I honestly haven't revisited it in months. Curious to see if they get something that sticks more with the new release. Wild World had hooks and energy, but sometimes it felt like it missed some heart.
  9. They were phenomenal at The Royal Albert Hall last night, strangely the orchestra element wasn't as front and centre as I thought it would be, it actually felt more like a stripped back show. That's however not taking anything from it because Dan's voice is just incredible and suited the acoustics in the hall perfectly and cut through everything. He's also a bit of a mean organ player.

    Only played one new song which he sang with his friend from To Kill A King, and which he implied was a side project with him, rather than from a new full album.

    So glad I've finally got to see them, and at such a intimate venue.
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  10. Ready for them to deliver
  11. I really really like it, less "slick" than the the Wild World stuff, but still very much them.

  12. Sam


    This is nice, but I’m kind of bored of his voice and affectations at this point. I’m sure it’ll grow on me though.
  13. Really? It's the one thing that keeps me coming back to them even when the material turns generic, hearing it cut through the acoustics of The Royal Albert Hall really was something.
  14. It’s a good 6/10, but the lyrics are distinctly average and it’s nothing new we haven’t heard from them. Good Grief was a far better comeback single, with that glorious falsetto chorus hook.
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  15. Sam


    Yeah this doesn’t really do anything new does it. Shame.
  16. New collaboration with Marshmello is on the way:

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  17. Ugh I love Dan's voice so much
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  18. Oh yeah, the new album is called Doom Days. Dan announced it at the Edinburgh gig the other night.
  19. Me too. And Dan in general.

    Quarter Past Midnight is very much a poor man's Good Grief though. It'll do for now though.

    What happened with Wild World? It seemed like such a half-campaign, which is a shame as it's a much stronger album than the debut. Why on earth they didn't release The Currents as a single is beyond me.
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