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Bastille - ‘Doom Days’ & ‘Other People’s Heartache Pt. 4’

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sam, Mar 27, 2018.

  1. I'm guessing the only reason Marshmello is involved is so radio touch it. For a band that were so musically creative to come out with something as exhausted as this is a shame.
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  2. This is so generic.
  3. It's horrible, but they're only the featured artist, yes? Hence, it won't be on their new album?
  4. Probably not, no. I reckon they'll release a new single in October and drop the album in November.

    Meanwhile, I'm in love with this live version of Quarter Past Midnight. After the gig last week, it's made me appreciate the song 10x more. Dan's vocals are so dreamy on this:


  5. Saddest video of 2018
  6. The song is still rubbish but that video made me cry. I love dogs and I know the pain of losing them. And I hate that they're exploiting that sentiment in viewers.
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  7. There's a rumor that it's out this Friday per a comment Dan made at a recent holiday show. It's been almost a full year since they posted the intro nn
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  8. Sam


    Meanwhile, where is the album? What a mess.
  9. As always, mixtape release before the album comes.

    The album should be out in April/May 2019.
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  10. Sam


    Oh, I didn’t know that was a thing. Apparently Chris said in August during a show that the album was coming “imminently”, so April / May seems a bit far away?
  11. This was just a guess. Mixtape Release now with a single and then the single leading to the album coming the earliest late january. So maybe late February/March, the earliest.
  12. Other People's Heartache, Pt. 4 - Out midnight tonight.

    01 // WILD WORLD INTRO ft.
    02 // WOULD I LIE? ft. Kianja, S-X, Craig David
    03 // GRIP (Seeb x Bastille)
    04 // DON'T LET GO ft. Craig David, Kianja, Swarmz_
    05 // FLOWERS ft. Rationale, James Arthur
    06 // THE DESCENT ft. Lily Moore, Moss Kena, James Banks
    07 // WARMTH OUTRO ft. Koss Kena
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  13. It‘s so good, yet too short.
  14. It’s been on repeat all day. I love it. Is it the new single or just a buzz track because it seems way too short?
  15. It's the title track of their new album. I don't know if they will use it as a lead or not.
  16. Sam


    I’m so into this, but it could have could have done with an extra chorus.. I can’t believe Quarter Past Midnight was out a year ago. These late 2010s album release strategies are fucking wild
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  17. I really like this. A dark bop.

    I have to say it's a good job the boys (Bastille, Two Door Cinema Club, Jonas) are coming through in 2019 because so far all my favourite girls are letting me down severely.
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  18. This is so good. I cried a little.
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