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Bat for Lashes - The Dream of Delphi (6th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by eddy2375, Aug 10, 2022.

  1. She's been collating a Spotify playlist of her influences for the album -

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  2. That influences playlist... consider me very perched for this.
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  3. Laura was a gorgeous album so I'm excited to hear this one.
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  4. The title named after her child? I desire that LA new age witch mother Ray of Light-in-Lauren Canyon masterpiece, queen.
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  5. I guess you meant The Haunted Man.
  6. I would like another 80s inspired masterpiece.
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  7. oops, yep!
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  8. This playlist has me more excited (esp given how much I didn’t click with Lost Girls) Moses Sumney is a great reference for Ms Khan. Would love to see her return to the soundscapes of her earlier career and the Haunted Man. Lilies remains one of her finest moments and I know she has more like it in her
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  9. I enjoyed Lost Girls a fair amount but I'm also glad she seems to be moving away from that sound palette this time around. The spooky '80s sci-fi thing has gotten so played out these days. I welcome back a more ethereal vibe, "Lilies" is a great reference point among her own work. Also loving Beverly Glenn-Copeland as an influence.
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  10. Whoops, thanks for the flag! With that said, it was a pleasant surprise to learn of Natasha's fandom for Electric Youth (three of their tracks made the "Vampire bitch" playlist).

    I am totally here for the film score/soundtrack tracks on The Dream of Delphi playlist - these are two of my favourite pieces of music of the last few years:

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