Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

I just read the article for that deleted scene. I guess that's why Luthor was acting way out of character. Darkseid is involved.
God the director's cut is going to be so amazing. They really should have included that scene in the theatric cut though, it makes so much sense.
God the director's cut is going to be so amazing. They really should have included that scene in the theatric cut though, it makes so much sense.
Yeah it makes what Lex said in the jail celll more sense, regarding "the bell ringing".
I imagine it was removed because it would actually confuse 90% of the audience more than it would clarify anything. Especially if it was just..THAT. Chucked in.

If that was Steppenwolf then...eurgh. CGI again. WHY. I forsee the New Gods all being CGI now. MORE BLINDING RED FLASHES AND GROWLS.
I did figure it was Darkseid that Luthor was talking about but then that might be because I'm familiar with the source materials.
Umm they did. Right after the senate bombing the headlines were to the effect of "did he have something to do with the explosion" and people were burning his effigy on the streets.

They must have glossed over it like they did with half of the main plot points in the movie. They hated him before the explosion, so it didn't have the impact it needed. I'd have liked to have seen one supporter take off his Superman t-shirt in disgust or something.
Saw this in IMAX at the BFI last weekend and OMG! i got a headache after the film (in a good way) Ha
Im a massive comic book nerd so was easy for me to follow, however i felt really sorry for the Boyfriend next to me who had absolutely no idea what was going on. To give Marvel some credit he can watch them and some what understand however with this he was just bemused.
For the general public its a real head twitcher but oh well! Its really made for the fans which is a big risk for a studio spending 400 million on a film and promotion. (Allegedly)

I actually thought Snyder would have gone more safe with this film, after the love/hate reception of Man of Steel. But to give him credit he had the balls to make an even more bonkers film. What an odd film and it will be discussed for months. Im planning on watching it again to really take it all in.
P.S that Wonder Woman entrance gave me goosbumps.
I feel like this films success is a testament to all publicity is good publicity. People are going to see if it is as bad as they say - but they are going.

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Is this doing well at the box office then?

Yes or at least worldwide it's done nearly double it's reported budget. Would've been interesting to see how it would've done if it had decent reviews.
Article in the Evening Standard tonight about the scale of how well it's doing being in direct portion to how badly its been reviewed. Goes to show that if its an interesting concept, people just don't care what the critics say.
Finally seen it and............ absolutely loved it.

I don't get the reviews. The main thing I felt afterwards was 'damn I can't wait for more'. I truly can't wait for the future of this series: I want Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman solo movie, Batman solo movie, The Flash. There's just something about these characters which makes them so compelling to me, so much more so than any Marvel characters. I love Henry as Superman, Ben Affleck was a complete revelation - I think I like him more than Bale as Batman!? - and Gal of course stole the show. I cannot wait to see more of her as Wonder Woman. I also adored Lois in this. I loved how she was almost the main character!? I was so ready to hate Affleck but he is a perfect Batman.

I loved the direction and I think these characters really suit the darker vibe than The Avengers.

Story wise, it wasn't as clever or interesting as previous superhero films, but it really really isn't awful. I just feel like we had a perfectly cast Superman and Batman and fucking Wonder Woman engaging in a massive battle on screen. What is not to love??

Ergh. I just loved it. I really hope the shit reviews don't change any of the plans too much. I am just sooo pumped for future films now.
I loved it too. I love it to Force Awakens levels. Saw it again tonight at the IMAX. It's puzzling as I'm more of a Marvel fan generally. It actually looks good too - all the Marvel studios films look like episodes of CSI, but this is actually visually stunning, like a graphic novel come to life. The music is amazing too - that Wonder Woman theme.