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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by BTG, Jul 20, 2013.

  1. Ben Affleck is beyond sexy and one of the hottest men in the world for me. Still, I just can't see him as Batman.
  2. Ben Affleck is just such an odd choice for Batman. I never would have expected him, at all.
  3. Awful choice. I don't see why he would do it either, coming off the critical success of Argo.
  4. Ben Affleck is an AWFUL choice. His acting is mostly dreadful so I'm really annoyed that they went with him.
  5. How you even watched The Town or Argo?

    Ben Affleck is a brilliant man, but seems odd for Batman. I'm willing to trust him though.
  6. Flockheart

    Flockheart Guest

    I just want a Justice League movie with Lucy Liu as Wonder Woman.
  7. Yes, I can't remember The Town but he was good in Argo. But that's not gonna make up for the rest of his career. He should stick to directing.
  8. duckface

    duckface Guest

    I'm going to reserve crying foul until he actually screws up.

    He's an Oscar-winning writer/director who is also a pretty decent actor. Perhaps not an amazing actor, but I'd prefer him as Bruce Wayne to some of the other picks that were rumored (Josh Brolin, Ryan Gosling). Although I had been hoping the Tyler Hoechlin rumor was true... *swoon*

    Er, anyway. I'm just happy that they're still referring to this as "Man of Steel 2" and not "Batman/Superman". The idea of Batman as a mentor of sorts is pretty interesting and not something that's been done in the comics at all, really.

    I wonder if they're also going to put Kara in this?
  9. I don't mind Affleck as Batman... and I would never have said that 5 years ago.

    Plus, the fact that this is annoying millions of twatty fanboys makes me happy.
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  10. Please let this be the first and only time anyone ever refers to Ben as brilliant.

    I do understand the decision on the basis of broad name recognition that Warners can use to reach the suburban masses in a way they can't with Henry Cavill (or potentially Josh Brolin, as an example), but from a production standpoint, it's just odd. Warners loves Ben, he's second on the Christmas card list after Chris Nolan, and they've effectively tied him up for years to come, leaving little room for the adult dramas he's made his directorial forte. It's interesting to note that Warners has thrown their two golden boys, Nolan and Affleck, into this product and you wonder how much collaboration Synder is allowed. For most people, that's probably an exciting prospect, but it's an odd dynamic to bring to a multi-million dollar film set.

    Without knowing the details, I have to assume there are options in the contract which include at least one solo Bat-movie and Justice League. And the financial terms? God only knows.

    So weird, but one of the more interesting Hollywood moves in a while.
  11. duckface

    duckface Guest

    I can't at people using Daredevil to assess how good a choice Ben Affleck is instead of the fifty other films he's been in.
  12. Yes, who could forget such cinematic classics as Paycheck, The Sum of All Fears, and Reindeer Games?
  13. duckface

    duckface Guest

    I personally could never forgive him for such train wrecks as Dogma, Argo, and The Town.
  14. This whole setting up of Justice League is a complete travesty.
  15. duckface

    duckface Guest

    I think it's awesome. So long as Wonder Woman is the next person to be given a movie.

    It would be cool if Arrow and the Flash series tied in. That way, you only need to establish maybe one or two new characters in the movie.

    Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, The Flash, Green Lantern... and Martian Manhunter? Black Lightning? Je approve.
  16. Oh christ I hope they don't tie them in to the TV shows.

    My personal opinion is that each character's origin story is so rooted in other planets/galaxies that it's going to be too far fetched for a collective film. I don't know, might just be me.
  17. duckface

    duckface Guest

    I mean, The Avengers featured a Norse god, a Russian spy, a frozen WWII hero, Steve Jobs, and a Hulk...
  18. Thor is pretty much the height of The Avengers' in terms of fantasy though. You've got Hawkweye and Black Widow who don't have superpowers, and then Iron Man, Hulk and Captain America whose superpowers are rooted in science based origin stories. I'd personally love for them to make films and TV shows for DC characters, but I can't see it meshing well in a film.
  19. I can't imagine them tying the DC television properties into the movies; imagine the promos, "Ben Affleck comes to The CW for an Arrow special!"

    Jokes aside, it feels like an odd way to get to Justice League. If I'm remembering correctly, the current plan is Superman v. Batman, which leads into Justice league in 2017 (only four years away!), which hopefully launches standalone franchises like Wonder Woman and Flash. It's not that the Marvel model is the only option, but I wonder if you can do enough in one movie to get people interested in lesser known characters.
  20. I'm actually excited to see Ben as Bats. I'm very picky over my batmen but I think he will be just fine, it will take some adjusting after becoming so accustomed to Bale.

    To be honest, I have always been more interested in who will play the villains. I feel like Leonardo owes us a turn in Batman film before I die.
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