Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

I loved it too. I love it to Force Awakens levels. Saw it again tonight at the IMAX. It's puzzling as I'm more of a Marvel fan generally. It actually looks good too - all the Marvel studios films look like episodes of CSI, but this is actually visually stunning, like a graphic novel come to life. The music is amazing too - that Wonder Woman theme.
Watched it again, and it really is my favourite comic book movie ever. Someone on Tumblr described it as somewhere between political noir and gothic opera. I'd agree. It's over the top, and there's so much going on in it but I find it gets better with each watch and it's visually incredible. And I personally think Zach Snyder understands how to do these superheroes for the now (while still respecting them as comic book characters and not being disdainful of the genre like Nolan mostly was) better than pretty much anyone else in the game, this quotation of his really struck me:
People really seem to have an issue with Superman being framed in a modern context, never acknowledging that if you're going to place a God-like figure in the '10s, the world you build should reflect our own. I wonder if what's really bothersome to the die-hards is they don't like the world we live in, and so they look to comic heroes as a fantasy escape. So when you have Superman standing in the middle of a fireball (to me, the most powerful moment in the film), they would prefer a) he realizes beforehand what's going to happen and saves everyone or b) we spend five minutes of him saving everyone he possibly can.

I don't expect this to be the case five years down the road, or even ten, but fifteen or twenty, when we're posting on AARPopjustice via mental-texting, this interpretation of Superman will be reevaluated as a great representation of our fears and time.
Just finished watching. Hated it. There is no logic behind characters' actions at all. All around stupid and hollow. I didn't think I could hate a movie like I did with Man of Steel but this movie somehow managed it.
Oh and another great thing about this film - no pop culture references, which after Deadpool (one every 20 seconds) and the Avengers, was a relief.
I enjoyed it. Affleck really surprised me and the visuals were frequently lovely. A little overwrought but it made a change from the superhero norm nowadays.
People were rating the film before it even came out on IMDB. That site is a crock of shit. Nothing but trolls/sock puppets and paid shills.
Just came back from watching it. I enjoyed it. However, my brother and I agree Wonder Woman was the best even though she was there a total of 5-10 minutes; she was hypnotising and such a fierce and powerful warrior, and the laso!

The movie could have been great but there are some really big problems with the direction and script. Some of the glaring plot devices were just infuriating:

-why was Superman thought guilty of the desert masacre when people were clearly shot?
-why the hell couldn't he get to his mother or even save her? when he was there for Lois twice in a second after she was in peril.
-Martha!!!! They could have done this so much better.
-Lois and the spear... that was just freaking idiotic and pointless, and a poor excuse for a scene.
-Doomsday was just a big bad monster created as an afterthought; I don't know how it is in the comics, but it felt cheap.
-some of Batman's dreams, the MadMax dream, were especially unnecessary.

The movie can be very entertaining, but many things really do not add up if you think about them for a second.

Henry Cavill / shirtless Henry Cavil... wow.
People are doubting that Henry will ever get to play Superman again. They see this film's bombing resulting in Justice League being pushed back, solo Batman being pulled forward, and Superman gone bye-bye for many, many years.
People are doubting that Henry will ever get to play Superman again. They see this film's bombing resulting in Justice League being pushed back, solo Batman being pulled forward, and Superman gone bye-bye for many, many years.

That's okay, I want to see him do James Bond so bad.
Christ why on earth would you want the blame Henry Cavill as the epitome of charm, James Bond?!
I enjoyed the movie. It is what it is: a big dumb comic book on the big screen.

The Clark and Lois dynamic was really well done, and gave the movie a real emotion depth that would have been absent without them. Ben Affleck is a better Bruce Wayne than he is Batman. And yes, some of the script was wholly ridiculous, such as the numours dream sequences. What were they all about? It must have been utterly confusing for some people. It isn't a film parents could take their children to see, which isn't what anyone would say about the Marvel movies. Wonder Woman was somewhat monosyllabic and I didn't like her transformation into a Xena Warrior Princess barbarian. But it was good to see a woman alongside the men fighting, and I'm glad Lois was there too at the end in the fight against Doomsday. Some dialogue was terribly poor. When did Superman start calling his 'mom' by 'Martha' anyway? If he'd said, "He has my mom," which would made Batman pause for thought at the idea of this alien having a mother, then Superman could follow that up with, "They have Martha." Randomly shouting, "Don't let them hurt Martha..." felt odd.

Lex Luthor. I really liked him. If I had to write for Superman in 2016, if I had to put the myth into a modern context, I would write Lex Luthor in a similar style. I love him as a mad scientist too, but I've always favoured the corrupt corporate billionaire version and in an age of Facebook/Microsoft with their respective famous owners...I could totally see this version of Lex Luthor existing.

I doubt we'll see a sequel though. We'll have to make do with Affleck's bland Batman and Gwenyth Paltrow playing Catwoman, knowing our luck.
I actually really liked it, the noise dragging it seems very over the top, and a bit for the sake of it. It's a comic book film, you are supposed to suspend disbelief walking into it. I'm not a big fan of Synder and wouldn't mind him departing, but saying that this film has effectively killed the franchise is crazy. You could hear everyone going into the cinema muttering that they heard it was awful, and then about 20 minutes in, everyone realising the negative hype has been excessive! We even got claps for Wonder Woman!