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Bazzi - Mine (Half-2018 white boy trap half-total pop brilliance... oh, and also it's a meme)

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by strangekin, Feb 7, 2018.

  1. So this song called Mine by a man called Bazzi has a lot of hype. At first it seems like it's going to be some Blackbear-ish trap-pop thing going all the way through, but then it ends up having a fucking massive amazing pure-pop chorus?

    Oh and it's also a meme?

    Odd little thing that's just so very 2018. Wouldn't be surprised if it ends up becoming a huge hit. Already debuted on the Hot 100.

    It's also only 2-minutes long which is annoying, but get those repeat Spotify plays I guess
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  2. Just came across this guy in a Reddit thread where he was revealed as an industry plant. No label listed on streaming sites or social media, but he's signed to Atlantic. Which I guess is also very 2018, and yeah he fits a bunch of current trends very neatly. Good voice but a little whiny and not much in the way of screen presence or anything memorable other than ticking those current boxes. I'll be keeping tabs to see how this goes.
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  3. Dddd at not even a good Viner landing an Atlantic deal. Jesus.
  4. How bizarre. Is this normal? Do labels conceal themselves so the artist seems indie/authentic?

    I do like Mine. He has a song called Gone on the new Best of the Week. It's not bad, but not as good as Mine.
  5. Historically no, in fact I think most pop artists would trumpet being signed if anything for a little extra buzz. But we're on a strong authentic/alternative kick where it's advantageous, particularly if the artist didn't already build up a large following on social media by themselves and their sound is even faintly hip-hop related.

    Like I said, I have a feeling it'll be something that's seen as very 2018 in 5-10 years.
  6. Is this the thread you were talking about?

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  7. Yep. Good times.
  8. The song is alright. He is such a glaringly obvious industry plant that it's almost hilarious how shameless this was.
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  9. I would love to see how the meme relating to Mine developed, because I would bet it also wasn't organic, but you'd imagine that's a bit harder to force than a top 40 single.
  10. kal


    I discovered Mine last night and have been giving it heavy rotation. Listened to some album track previews but Myself seemed the only other track that grabbed me.
  11. "Wake up you guys. Labels know you're sick of being fed artists directly, so the new schtick is to use industry methods to blow their songs up and then announce their signing. He's not even on their official fucking roster!"

    ddddddddddd giving me "wake up sheeple" teas
  12. The album’s full of bops so he can be an industry plant all he likes. Cartier in particular is great.
  13. Fuck, I love Mine. I was conflicted with the whole industry-plant thing and the fact that he's obviously doing a black sound, but the music's definitely good.
  14. I don't care where he's come from, just thank God for someone good and new breaking through.
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  15. New song, FTC:

    Incredibly short but amazing... and not on Spotify?

    He's quickly risen to be one of my favourite artists of the year. His album is absolutely incredible and he's ridiculously gorgeous. I tacked Sober and Alone on to his album and it's such an intensely emotional listen. I've watched a significant amount of his interviews and he's so genuine and honest, especially in regards to his music. He has such a strong passion for creating, and it's really nice to see that in an artist.
  16. Did someone here listen to his album? I did it today and even if it felt quite monotonous and basic, (i expected it to be, though) i loved it.
    He didn't took risks nor brought something new but it's a solid record, not pretentious and the production is cool, loved the instrumental work they did.
    Also, it's a fast album. 16 songs that don't last more than 2:58 lol but that's just perfect. We don't need more than that.
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