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BBC Saturday Morning TV

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by StangerInTheNight, Aug 6, 2006.

  1. I think it would only be Sam & Mark, as Fearne Cotton's now doing the 7am-10am weekend breakfast show on Radio 1.
  2. I like the guidance on how to film your band safely. I'm surprised they didn't put 'watch out for padeos if you are filming down the park' etc.

    We need a Saturday morning music show, or simply a Saturday morning show that is fun and incorporates music. I know they aren't the most popular around here, but I thought Sam and Mark were really good on TOTP Saturday/Reloaded or whatever it was calling itself in the end.
  3. I want something more like The Saturday Show incorporating SM:TV elements.

    Although without cartoons
  4. well i dunno about the saturday morning entertainment at the moment but it sure is making me hungry
  5. According to today's Mirror, Sam and Mark are to replace Dick and Dom.

    Let's hope some of those celebrity guests will include popstars singing pop songs and not just the kids from the new family on Eastenders and The Cheeky Girls.
  6. Ragestar

    Ragestar Guest

    kids tv is practically unwatchable these days, seeings as they have decided to change the meaning of the word "pants".*

    i'd like to see the Cheeky Girls present it actually!

    *any former Going Live watcher will tell you that pants are, in fact, TROUSERS, (swing your pants!) and NOT underwear.
  7. I agree. That was the only part of sm:tv that I didn't like. Everything else was spot on.

    Milky x
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