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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by bestinase, Nov 28, 2016.

  1. It's that time again! Here's what 'tastemakers' and journalists deemed exciting enough to be on the Sound of 2017 longlist this year.

    (Descriptions are the BBC's, hence the cringe)

    AJ Tracey West London wordsmith
    Anderson .Paak Dr Dre-endorsed rap prodigy
    Cabbage Post-punk provocateurs
    Dave Plaintive rapper with classical training
    Declan McKenna Polemic singer-songwriter
    Jorja Smith Heart-rending soul singer
    Maggie Rogers Graceful songwriter who stunned Pharrell
    Nadia Rose Witty wordplay and colourful beats
    Rag N Bone Man Gravel-voiced soul revelation
    Ray BLK Street smart R&B
    Raye Electro beats with soaring pop melodies
    Stefflon Don Wicked, dancehall-inspired wordplay
    The Amazons Raucous rock revivalists
    The Japanese House Enigmatic pop maven
    Tom Grennan Gruff, soulful singer-songwriter

    I can think of about 50 PJ forum-approved pop artists that would be more exciting than a lot of these, but oh well.
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  2. You know Dua was long listed last year? She should of course have been shortlisted and/or won though.

    I haven't heard of any of these... Hopefully there'll be one or two gems in there though.
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  3. Raye sounds like she could be a popjustice fave. Let me go try and listen to a few of his songs.

    Oh she features on a Jonas Blue song...
  4. *Shoots laptop*

  5. Stefflon Don deserves to be on the shortlist for this alone.

    Side note: When everyone was talking about some random "pa-pa-pa-pa" song in the run-up to Perfect Illusion's release, I thought this was the one you were all referring to!

  7. Stan.

    And this
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  8. Come the fuck through Maggie, Jorja, and the Japanese House. All three of them would benefit greatly from doing well but not actually winning.

    Interesting that there's not a super obvious commercial winner this year - usually it's blindingly obvious who'll be winning.
  9. Maggie vs. Rag'n'Bone Man
  10. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I thought you couldn't have an album out to be eligible!?

    Poor Betsy, too.
  11. Nimmo? Sofi Tukker? BONZAI??

    Not the most exciting of lists but it's alright I guess. Rag'n'Bone Man or Dave will probably win
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  12. Declan McKenna's YouTube description for his song Brazil:
    Is giving me Gaga teas:
  13. I'll be rooting for Anderson .Paak and The Japanese House, both of which are very great. Maggie Rogers is dull and the rest I'm not yet familiar with to be honest.
  14. Raye's 'Shhh' is really quite good but she is the only "pop" artist on the whole list. I feel like Rag N Bone Man has this in the bag unfortunately.
  15. Poor Kerri Watt.

    And Rag N Bone Man has this I guess?
  16. I hope Jorja Smith gets some recognition on this. I love her music, something very 'classic' feeling about it...sort of in the way Amy Winehouse's music felt classic.
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  17. Declan will win, of course.

    The Japanese House is too interesting to become the next Little Boots i.e. win, get massive hype - and not live up to expectation. I don't want that journey for her.
  18. I quite like some of Jorja's stuff, though her inclusion feels a little.. premature? Like she needs another year or two first. She's absolutely stunning.
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  19. ^ Looks like a pop star.

    Is Raye the same girl from the last Jonas Blue tune? Sounds a little like Alexandra Stan?
  20. I Love Ray BLK! My hood and Chill out are amazing, there is something about the way the beats are layered with the melodies, don't know, but her music moves me.
    Jorja Smith's, Blue Lights is stunning, so she is one I am really looking forward to listen more.
    I am very surprised too, that Betsy wasn't listed, she is amazing!
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