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beabadoobee - Fake It Flowers (Debut Album 2020)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Petty Mayonnaise, Sep 7, 2019.

  1. Ooh this might be her best song yet!
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  2. Call me hyperbolic but Care is... perfect. I love how much she gets the mix of youthful energy and nostalgia right. I can't wait to blast this along with my recent faves from Hatchie, Phoebe Bridgers, Soccer Mommy, and Charly Bliss.
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  3. She is working with Matt Healy in a future project.
  4. tea


    I hadn't heard of Hatchie or Charly Bliss until I saw your post. Just found some new faves, thank you!

    I'm not entirely sold on the verse melodies on Care, but everything else is stunning. That chorus is undeniable.
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  5. Care is phenomenal and I’m now obsessed with her.
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  6. Loving this.
  7. I love this. This melodic 90’s alternative rock with great female vocals is my favorite type of music. Perfect!
  8. I can’t stop playing this the album is gonna be great!
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  9. Thread title should be change by now and this deserves to be on the main forum. Come on.
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  10. You need to tag a mod for that. Although I don't know if it's time yet, maybe once the debut comes out.
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  11. Care sounds so much like late-era Lush. I'm floored.

    This album is going to be what Clairo's Immunity was for me last year, and I am so thrilled about that.
  12. Hell yeah. Also can't wait for their future collab which i'm going to speak into existence right now.
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  13. Oh man, this is hands down my favorite song by her I've heard. I remember checking her out when she was opening for Clairo and enjoying it but this just has that perfect 90's punch with the guitars and her vocals. Not sure if @Music Is Life has checked her out but this seems like something you'd like!
  14. Thanks for the tag! Will definitely check her out later.
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  15. "Care" is amazing, 100% Juliana Hatfield worshipping with stunning results and plenty of personality.
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  16. New song ‘Sorry’ out

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  17. Wow this album is gonna be so good! These two songs are making that last EP look like cute next to gorgeous.
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  18. Album is out Oct. 16!

    Four vinyl variants available: standard black, "natural" which looks like a translucent cream color, red indie exclusive and an Urban Outfitters orange with white swirls (run of 1,500).

    Copies with an autographed art card in the black and natural variants are available on the Dirty Hit store for $24USD.

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  19. Yas! I'm tempted to get the vinyl or music bundle but... what will I do with the cassette then?

    Oh and Sorry is haunting. I love how it climaxes with those crushing guitars in a classic 90's grunge fashion. You can really feel the tension. Give me the album!
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