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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by sikker, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. So Beast!

    BEAST (비스트, B2ST) is a 6-member boy band, who debuted in 2009.
    Members from left to right
    Born in 1991, Son Dongwoon (손동운) is the youngest member. He sings, has some rap parts, is in charge of visuals, and foreign language skills.
    Yong Junhyung (용준형) is the main rapper. He started out in the entertainment industry as the member of XING as "Poppin' Dragon".
    Yoon Doojoon (윤두준), born in 1989, is the leader and the oldest member. Previously he was trained to be a member of 2AM or 2PM, but was eliminated from both before debut.
    Former solo artist Lee Gikwang (이기광) was put in BEAST after a few months of performing under the stage name "AJ". He's a lead dancer and lead vocalist in the group.
    Jang Hyunseung (장현승) is the main dancer and lead vocalist. His previous company didn't find him "natural" enough for Big Bang.
    Once a back-up dancer for Gikwang, Yang Yoseob (양요섭) is the main vocalist of BEAST.
    All of the members were transferred between various entertainment companies before settling down with Cube to be back-up dancers for AJ debut as BEAST.

    Korean Music Videos
    Bad Girl
    Take Care of My Girlfriend (Say No)

    Japanese Music Videos
    Bad Girl

    Korean Mini Albums
    Beast Is the B2ST (2009)
    Shock of the New Era (2010)
    Mastermind (2010)
    Lights Go On Again (2010)
    My Story (2010)

    Korean Album
    Fiction and Fact (2011)

    Japanese album
    So BEAST (2011)
  2. Dongwoon is mine!

    I love B2ST. All of their singles are really good and they've all got great singing talents. Even if they have a gremlin in the group.
  3. Oh, Godwoon is perfect (now that he actually started to sing, ha).
    But it's fine, I'm with Hyunseung.

    Shall I add something about each member to the first post?
  4. Yes! You can write about all of their unique charms. Hyunseung scares me so much, especially with his red hair!
  5. Arabian Prince is mine, Ribzy you have TOP, don't be greedy, haha

    BEAST really is one of the best boy groups we have now. I hope that their future comeback will be an upgrade of their initial sound.
  6. *Rushes to thread* Doojoon is mine!!
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  7. I wish they had a Korean comeback soon! I'm sure they're going to be working with Tiger again.
    They're having the fan meeting tour now, then the Japanese album release, then United Cube. Oh and Doojoon tweeted something about a solo concert next year.
  8. I love Fiction and Fact.
  9. KiKwang is mine! And I love BEAST so much. They are one of the few K-Pop groups (with more than like 3 minis or albums) where I bought a physical CD of every thing they released.

    Shock of the New Era is my favorite K-Pop mini album ever and concept. They generally have great music and styling though.

    I would love some proper solo stuff from them individually but keeping group activities like Big Bang.
  10. Al3xSaid3 do you have a favorite track?

    Okay, I just realized I could write a whole encyclopedia about these guys (and how they showcase us their different colors). So hard to describe them in one short post.
    I can see why Hyunseung is scary to some...

    Wow. I can't picture this at all. Even the Christmas singles felt strange for me. They have such a good chemistry as a 6 member group.
    I guess it'll be inevitable for them to release solo stuff, though.
  11. I worship Godess Jang more than I worship Godess Gyuri.
  12. I loved the Christmas singles! Let it Snow and Thanks To were especially amazing to my ears, haha! But they do have amazing chemistry as 6, that's part of why I love the group so much.

    But if the do release solo stuff I'm sure it's awhile away. They probably should focus on Japan and breaking other markets first. But I love them, BEAST & 2PM are tied for my favorite boy groups ever.
  13. Re
    I'm so excited if there's going to be any feedback on MTV World Stage from any unusual sources! I hope there'll be some. I think it'd push Cube and Universal to actually promote them in places where Universal reaches. (Probably that's why Hyunseung's my favorite, I'm also in another dimension.)
  14. I love how the other members ignore him. That squeal!

    I have to reply with this. It's a long one. It clearly shows you're not the only one who's scared of Hyunseung. He totally destroyed the whole radio broadcast with just one hand gesture (and a bit of a stare).
  15. I've only heard Fiction and Fact & Breath so i'd say there are my favourites! what are yours?
  16. Oh, I thought you meant the album.
    Overall I like Shock the most.
    From Fiction and Fact my favorite is Freeze, the 2nd is Fiction. I'm a fan of dancey stuff.
  17. Freeze is my new fave song by them.
  18. It's probably the song that showcases their unique charms voices best while not being slow.
  19. Beautiful is in my top 3 Beast songs, is that unpopular? haha Although I couldn't stand the performances of it.
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