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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by sikker, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. Isn't the song called Fiction and Fact? I'm now embarrassed haha
  2. Album is called Fiction and Fact, single is Fiction and album intro is called The Fact
  3. Oh okay thanks!
    I just got confused, haha.
  4. Beautiful performances can get quite awkward... I don't think liking Beautiful is unpopular, I've no stats, though, ha.
  5. You want Taeyang AND Doojoon?!

    *asks someone to hold me back*
  6. Oh Yoseob, so adorable and funny.
  7. Your own fault for not getting here sooner~
  8. Whoa. I've seen a lot of polls, and Doojoon was always at or near the bottom in popularity. Him and Dongwoon are generally the least popular. Nice to see you fighting over him!

    Oh I just watched this with subs for the first time today! I loved their Japanese game. "Ramen! Sushi!" Ha.
  9. I really fucking detest the "b2st" stylisation.
  10. B2ST was there original name I think? 'Boys 2 Search for the Top" (I love Konglish!)
    Then because manly bands like 2PM are called Beastly Idols they changed the name to mean Beast as well!
  11. OMG! I just realised that 2 in Korean is pronounced 'ee' in Korean.

    B-ee-st! BEAST. Genius!
  12. I didn't know you pronounced 2 that way in Korean! I prefer BEAST but I don't mind B2ST, they still go by that album wise and if you have a it's still B2ST. And I think the fan club name B2UTY is cute.

    Also, Shock of the New Era is not only my favorite K-Pop mini album but my favorite looking album. It is perfectly packaged and designed.
  13. I share the negative feelings towards "B2ST". They changed it in 2009, so I'm not sure why it's still with in use. (Had to put it in the first post...) I mostly see it in translations on allkpop or copied from there (with BEAST or hangul in the original texts). I haven't seen a Korean text saying B2ST in a long time. It's BEAST. I guess the page is like that, because there's no technical possibility to differentiate BEAST and Beast from Canada.
    The funniest is their VEVO. They share the name, are both on Universal Int, why not share a VEVO account? Ha. I hope the label sorts that one out soon. Same with iTunes.
    I got carried away a bit, sorry.
  14. The BEAST boys performed Bad Girl on the Japanese show Hey! Hey! Hey! Music Champ! today.

    Does anyone know if they have done better than 4minute in Japan so far? I like 4minute but don't really follow them so don't know their numbers in Japan.
  15. BEAST did better than 4minute. SHOCK sold over 52k, BAD GIRL sold over 42k. 4minute highest selling single is WHY - over 13k. BEAST Japan Premium Edition sold over 13k, while DIAMOND 7k.
  16. Thank you for the numbers, Monkey0!
  17. Usually I only look at photos of press conferences... And now I'm shocked at how they're taken. I'd be blind in a minute after this amount of flash. This was taken last week in Taiwan.

    Another non-music-related note: Hyunseung's hair is reportedly back to black. They must be up to something. New hair color = new material, ha.

  18. Now this is how you do a selca:

  19. Things that boy do with his mouth are soo dirrty! I still remember one selca when he had a whole ice cream in his mouth while looking all seductively and his mouth is always open, like always. Who taught you these things?

    But let me just say, that I'm all for him whoring himself on twitter, keep it coming baby.
  20. i'm about to cream my pants!!

    Too bad about their Visa issues with Japan. They seem to be doing well there on the charts.
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