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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by sikker, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. My bb is such a selca whore. He's been tweeting random selcas from ages ago all day! I'm not complaining though.
  2. Not sure if there're people from or near Madrid here, but...
    BEAST is gonna put on a show there in less than 2 weeks!

    They're gonna be judging at the Cover Dance thing on 19th Monday, and there'll be a show on Tuesday.
    Source of info above.
    I have no source for the following, but I heard they're gonna be in Madrid (Spain?) for 5 days. Probably visiting Barcelona for some memorabilia for Doojoon?

    I'm very upset at the moment. It seems like I have money to go to Madrid, but I might not be able to get days off. Still trying to re-schedule work. Ugh.
  3. For all the BEAST fans, the video for I Like You the Best has leaked in HQ. It is really cute and around 8 minutes long.
  4. I could have sworn I've seen this before. Some of the parts look new though.
  5. A little shorter LQ version has been out for awhile, maybe you saw that? It may just seem familiar since it's really similar to Beautiful though. But it's nice to have something new-ish that is BEAST related.
  6. [​IMG]

    Just some Dongwoon bootay.
  7. [​IMG]

    I love the whole video.
    Junhyung looking at a book of himself is the part I had to laugh.
  8. Free your (perverted) imgaination!


    Your welcome
  9. In my mind he's a giant pervert. He's growing on me.
  10. He has to be, he's such a tease!!
  11. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    That's what he'll look like in the first five seconds when you do nasty things to him.
  12. Welcome to BEAST Airline is to be released on a double DVD in Japan on November 30th. I can't believe they finally managed to get this released! Been waiting for the concert DVD all year.
  13. I don't like seeing the BEAST thread so low on here, haha. I'm really excited about the convert DVD! And just in general I've been listening to Fiction and Fact a lot. It's great for this time of year. So everyone should go revisit it.

    And I think I am going to re-watch BEAST Almighty. One of the best/ funniest Idol shows.
  14. Oh yes, Beast Almighty is hilarious. I re-watched the B2ST Documentary last weekend, gonna go and watch Almighty and Idol Maid for the nth time next week.
    Finally all the stars aligned, so I'll be able to see Beast in London. I feel like the luckiest person ever. Worried it's not sold out already, though...
  15. So in the run up to United Cube I though I ought to listen to some Beast, I had never heard any of their songs, or even seen what they look like. Well. I am in love with them, I think I could listen to Fiction on repeat. Shock is great too! I still need to listen to some of their other songs though.
  16. They are amazing live and look even better in person (especially my KiKi!) so you will definitely enjoy seeing them in person. They have great music as well. I love all their mini albums and their full length album but BEAST is The B2ST and Shock of the New Era (maybe my favorite K-Pop group mini) are two of my favorite K-Pop releases ever.
  17. Kiki brings the boys out


    Nooo, the DVD release date is now 12/28.
  18. KiKi does bring the boys out! He brings imnotshy out for sure, haha.

    And amazing BEAST news:

    A World Tour:
    3 new singles and a Comeback:

    2012 will be all about BEAST. I need to see KiKi in person again! I am so glad they will be touring around where I live.
  19. Great news. They doing actual world tour (well mini world tour). Not happy about three singles prior to comeback.

    Maybe I'll go...
  20. 3Xs


    3 new singles and a world tour?? Great times to be a BEAST fan! Hoping they switch up their sound a bit. As much as I liked their last album I want to see them continue to push themselves; their producers seem intent on keeping them in the same box.
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