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Bebe Rexha - 2nd Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by spaceship, Feb 7, 2019.

  1. The video was really good! They looked incredible and the intro was actually funny.
  2. Ew @ Nikita being in the video but otherwise, this whole package is a cute serve.
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  3. Like most of you, I'm shocked at the whole package not being terrible. 2020 keeps on stunting!
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  4. Video completely knocks. A total serve and Bebe oozes charisma. Where did that come from?

    She's pretty camp isn't she? All that handography and the dramatic eyes...
  5. The song is pretty great - it's the most restraint Bebe's shown on record in...ever? and Doja's verse is a serve. The styling in the video is gorgeous too. I highkey hate the intro though, Charli d'Amelio is a complete charisma vacuum and only makes Bebe's already wooden acting look worse nn
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  6. I actually found funny how Charli featured like 3 minutes in this video while in Doja's you could miss her if you blinked ddd Bebe really begging for that tiktok viral moment.
  7. I don't use TikTok enough for Charli d'Amelio to sway me in either side beyond being so weirdly awkward (Why was she here??? They couldn't give Avani a speaking part?), but otherwise the song is an earworm with one of Bebe's best music videos to boot.
  8. It does slap don't it? The whole package is a really strong mixture of sexiness and camp. Though I'm not here in the least for Doja trying to chalk up fraternizing with Nazis as some silly Twitter cancellation.
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  9. Wait what
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  11. Ah so the girl that did the Say So dance.

    Poor XCX
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  12. A little on the album from her Variety feature
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  13. That was Haley Sharpe.
  14. Die For A Man was apparently going to be the lead according to a reliable ATRL insider.
  15. Not all of these songs sounding brilliant? Is Bebe really coming for us? While Rita is feeding us... another selfie series on another boat, pretending she's still a popstar? The world is upside down.
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  16. Only two Albanians girls can get Warner Music's support at a time. Rita will have to wait.
  17. The music video really elevated the song for me. I like that Bebe still kept the vibe she's had from I'm A Mess and Last Hurrah. She's clearly aiming to replicate commercial success with Doja, so hopefully she gets a cute Top 40 bop.
  18. Why do I feel Rita’s support was always her own and her label just played along.
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  19. She is a Mogul™ after all ...
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