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Bebe Rexha - Better Mistakes

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by spaceship, Feb 7, 2019.

  1. In retrospect, it's a Charli-lite song. With the proper remix it could even be "hyperpop".
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  2. RMK


    Eh. I almost think her songs being a little too mundane is what's holding her back. Last Hurrah is good, but I see how it got lost in the shuffle. Baby I'm Jealous, though I think solid, suffered the same problem. I'm A Mess was a moderate hit for her outside of country-hybrids, so there is potential for her to land something.

    She hasn't cemented her status enough, and releasing "Knees" could've helped. It was guaranteed to chart.
  3. #115 with 7.7k copies on the Rolling Stone chart.
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  4. It’s tragic that the album doesn’t even have a Metacritic page and no one bothered to review it.
  5. Not me seeing @Butterfly's avatar above, thinking this was the Aly & AJ thread and nodding along in agreement.

    Stream a touch of the beat now!
  6. I mean the album is not to my taste but I feel so bad for Bebe in that it has made so little impact... anywhere. The charts, the blogs, the forums, no one cares.
  7. The album is good but was dead on arrival. Baby, I'm Jealous was carried by the comeback factor, music video and Doja Cat, afterwards nothing more seemed to click with the public or at least had buzz. This is a disaster but I know that she will do better in her next era, she seemed to work better without pressure and this album seems very rushed.
  8. Rushed?! Her last album came out 3 years ago.
  9. I will die on the hill Meant To Be is nowhere near a country song, even with Florida Georgia Line on it. It's literally a pop song.

    The problem was Meant To Be is one of those songs that smashes regardless of who sings it. The fact it was Bebe is irrelevant.
  10. I know, but it does feel like she had take a bunch of songs in her hard disk and made this album out of nowhere just for whatever label reasons.
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  11. I can't believe just how unnoticed this album has gone. I wonder if things would have panned out better had she released Death Row first it's an undeniable bop and Bebe at her best
  12. She doesn’t really have much of an artistic identity at all, I feel. She has the odd bop or two but really hasn’t managed to sort of solidify her sound or image
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  13. Welp. I assume her & the label will part ways after this? I honestly think that would be a good thing for her because it can't be easy to build a fan-base with the endless delays to your material.
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  14. It's so weird to me that the label still puts this sort of expectation on her. I feel like they're working with a wheelhouse that's been dead for years now, more so when we remember her last hit was over 3 years ago. I don't see a future in music for her.
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  15. It's kinda sad ... She has the best people on her team. She shares a management with the likes of Doja Cat and The Weeknd and is signed to the same label as Dua Lipa. The numbers are abysmal.
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  16. She will definitely still be successful as a hook girl and songwriter, but as a solo artist there's been too much fucking around to still retain her original audience and nothing focused enough to establish another base
  17. I love me some Bebe Rexha but... this album isn't it. I was hyped and listened with high expectations but most of these songs are generic... at best. The production is just like thousands of other songs on any random Spotify playlist. She should really find a musical identity because she's a good writer and performer, but she needs better material to work with.
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  18. Bebe....
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