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Bebe Rexha - Expectations

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Mar 21, 2014.

  1. Who’s gonna tell her
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  2. Tell her what?
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  3. She's allowed to be right every once in a while.
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  4. Crossover moment!
  5. That they probably won't dress her because she's Bebe not because she's runway size.
  6. I know she's a forum punching bag, but the real world actually likes her. Musically, she is fairly successful at the moment. And those designers have dressed less successful / more annoying people before anyway.
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  7. I had a boyfriend that worked for *big french legendary label* and he said the amount of times people like JLo etc asked for clothes and they had to politely give bs excuses or not reply at all were ...a lot. The label gets attached to the person wearing it. And when you see Becky G or Ava Max or *new girl* wearing Gucci it's probably store bought.

  8. Not her reposting a clearly photoshopped Grammy ad.
  9. RMK


  10. I think she posted a Mock-up that was sent by Spotify's marketing for approval by her team/label. Still a mess.
  11. "ava max stan account"
    Hello 2019
  12. I mean this whole “a designer wouldn’t dress me - because of my size” story has received a huge amount of publicity.. so go her
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  13. “It’s bebe!”

  14. RMK


    The name on that account is a joke (lol). I won't be posting Avator content.
  15. The new single is called Last Hurrah and Joseph Kahn is directing the music video.
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  16. Is this satire?

    Anyways, I'm glad she's ending the Expectations campaign and moving on. I'm a Mess was a decent hit so for her sake, lets hope it can top it.
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  17. She got her only hit after releasing a song called That's It, so maybe she's having another go at it.
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  18. BOP
  19. Such a mood.
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