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Bebe Rexha - Expectations

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Mar 21, 2014.

  1. The perverts lost.

    She's in for a rude awakening if her lead single from her 2nd album flops out of the gate
  2. I wish her music was good because I want to stan her so bad. She's an absolute terror.
  3. She's insane. I sense an imminent breakdown hitting before BR2 does.

    Can't wait for this train to derail as she circles back to EP-purgatory with Meghan Trainor and Jessie J.
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  4. This looks great.

  5. I'm kinda shook at how fast we're getting a new album?
  6. Don't be too shook.
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  7. Or sure.
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  8. Her Treat Myself is coming.

    Or, y'know, not.
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  9. dddd
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  10. YES Bubbles, admonish those who don't bow down before your oeuvre.
  11. Clearly taking pointers from queen of pop Charlene ZDZ on audience scolding

  12. I thought this song was big AT SPOTIFY?!?!?!?!
  13. Hopefully she'll go ballistic when she loses that best new artist Grammy.
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  15. Part of me wants her to win it and then flop into oblivion, but part of me also doesn't think she deserves it and I don't want her to think she does
  16. bebelistic!
  17. RMK


    If anyone hasn't seen the video..
  18. It’s an industry event not your own concert, the good sistren at Spotify don’t give a fuck if your song was #1 for 50 weeks on the country charts...
  19. Who does she think she is? The fact she wants to bring up that she was number one on country radio for 50 weeks is just downright cheeky. She didn't deserve it. So many talented, female, actual country artists get snubbed even a top 40 placement. I was always here to root for Bebe, but this is just disgusting.
  20. Can't wait for the memes to come out of this.
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