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Bebe Rexha - Expectations

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Mar 21, 2014.

  1. It's like one of those memes where they add a hand pointing gun to a picture but come alive. Girl, calm down.
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  2. I’m from Staten Island, New York, so that means you have to sing along.
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  3. If that means songs as good as Can't Stop Drinking About You then YES!
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  5. But Bebe, sis, weren’t you just yelling about how people weren’t singing along to the song...
  6. She's written one hit, whereas Drake has 50 but yes, same boat, Bebe.
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  7. What’s funny is that during the red carpet on E! yesterday, I was actually finding her a little charming for once - the disconnect between that and her TwitterByadGyal/onstage persona is jarring
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  8. I mean she has written at least more than one hit, just not sang on it.
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  9. She keeps delivering again and again.

    If only her music was that good.
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  10. I am screaming and I wish someone would tweet the video at her.

    “Everyone is saying” okay Donald Trump sit down for a second there.
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  11. You know what? I don't mind Bebe, and I don't mind Meant To Be (I even defended it in the Big Pop Girls Rate, and it came dead last). But acting like it's some iconic song that swept the world, changed people's lives and was thoroughly robbed of awards? Sis. It ain't that good. This is the chorus:
    Screenshot 2019-02-11 at 21.22.47.png
    Like, come on. I'm hardly shook to my core at that. I know she can write better things in her sleep. She really straddles the line of humbleness and...this a little too well sometimes.
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  12. Okay, but she also did this masterpiece:

    And this:

    And this deserved-to-be-a-hit bop:

    In the same EP!
  13. Nobody knows.
  14. Her greatest achievement was giving Tinashe this bop

  15. She's still pretending she's not a minor feature in her own song. And a very shit song I might add.
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  16. RMK


    It's also... Not really a country song? There's literally trap snares. It was never going to win a Grammy.
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  17. She did warn everyone when she was brunette about 4 years ago she was going to show us crazy. I'm glad she's delivered on that.
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  18. Kii at the lyrics in this thumbnail perfectly describing her current situation.
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  19. This is hilarious and amazing. Thank you, Charlotte.
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  20. I would like to know what she was thinking of when she saw Dua win.
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