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Beck - Colors (October 13)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Jun 2, 2016.

  1. [​IMG]

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  2. "Trending across all socials" fucking KILL ME NOW.

    (excited for this though. Expecting some pop ridiculousness if the cover's anything to go by)
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  3. Yes! Ha Big Pop Girl era is upon us, Gaga ha impact, etc.
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  4. I'm so happy. Beck makes me happy. WOW will stun, silence, and settle everyone.
  5. If its as good as dreams, it will be a stellar album.
    Oh, and he going to 'just drop it' on us on friday? that seems like something he would do.
  6. Crazy cuckoo Beck is the best and WOW seems crazy and cuckoo. Give me that Midnite Vultures throwback that I love. Anything unserious will work as well.
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  7. Oh, this should be good. Clips sound promising to me. I actually "re-discovered" Beck thanks to @Kirkland and realized I knew a lot more than I thought.
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  8. Never ever give him up again!
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  9. Psychedelic and ambient. "Dreams" is better in terms of being more straightforward pop, but I have a feeling the full album will make this song make more sense.
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  10. I'm actually getting down to this. What.
  11. Yes. It's really good. Thankfully an album is done.
  12. Oooooh this is fantastic.
  13. Excited to listen after lunch!
  14. Yes Beck.
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  15. Why did I think from the title of this thread that he was going to bring Nadia Oh out of retirement with this?

    (I like the song a lot, by the way. Beck is one of those artists that I forget I love until he releases something new.)
  16. He is to me what Kanye is for everyone else!
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  17. Yasss, Beck. S-lay us with your pop opus.

    Sounds a bit like Miley's latest (best) album.
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  18. AMAZING! So happy Beck is back with some straight-up pop.

    Beck with a new album in 2016? Poor Lemonade at the Grammy's. (wink-wink)
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