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Beck - Colors (October 13)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Jun 2, 2016.

  1. Britney_I-hate-fucking-waiting.gif
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  2. Where's the bloody album?
  3. In a black hole.
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  4. October! Jeez...
  5. God, please let this be true.
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  6. Was "Up All Night" ever released anywhere? I still can't find it on iTunes
  7. It's gratifying to know that at long last the album will be out. I hope.
  8. I'll wait until it's in my iTunes before I get excited.
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  9. This album campaign has been very strange. Did his label expect a hit of sorts, having invested on Greg Kurstin sessions and all?
  10. Beck makes more than enough of that money back with touring and album sales.
  11. Has this RollingStone piece been posted? Not sure if any new info here... Colors is due out in October like previously speculated. It's co-produced by Greg Kurstin and is largely upbeat and pop.

  12. Not Beck possibly releasing in the same eligibility period as Beyoncé again UGH.
  13. Ugh! Greg's pretty much been on default mode for a while now and he's not been making good music even with The Bird.. I have low expectations of this album.

    But I need this album in my life. It's been ages since he stopped working on it and we've been teased enough.
  14. [​IMG]

    Colors Tracklist:
    01. Colors
    02. 7th Heaven
    03. I’m So Free
    04. Dear Life
    05. No Distraction
    06. Dreams
    07. Wow
    08. Up All Night
    09. Square One
    10. Fix Me

    Due October 13.

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  15. I'm really excited for this.
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  16. Shots of the (incredible-looking) deluxe vinyl:


    And the texted version of the cover looks like so:

  17. I was almost certain "WOW" and "Dreams" weren't gonna make the tracklist.
  18. Excellent design.
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