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Beck - Colors (October 13)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Jun 2, 2016.

  1. According to NY Times, the third track (I'm So Free) will be featuring Feist.
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    Hot take coming through.

    I can't agree to anything without having heard it but I'm screaming at the viciousness.
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  3. Beck and Beyonce have both made even better music since that shocker. The real criminal here is Adele, who shouldn't have even been nominated for that drab collection of 21-leftovers.
  4. I want bops. Where the bops at.
  5. E-dg-y
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  6. What even.
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  7. I'm slightly apprehensive about this album. Wow and Dreams are cutting edge futuropop, the sort that best represents Beck at his most discerning and glorious. The other songs haven't been too exciting. I know of Stereogum's occasional forays into the realm of sheer bitchery (there's an infamous Panic At The Disco review that slaughtered the album and Brendon so violently that I thought his fans would call the Paramedics), but some of this review chimes with a few of my fears for Colors
  8. Wow is my least favourite of the songs released so far. The others are 10/10s for me.
  9. I know most people are giving the new songs shit (outside of PJ), but Up All Night made me preorder.
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  10. Yeah, all the songs have been ace and beyond so far, I'm not really sure what people are worried about?

    This release seems right up the PJ alley.
  11. Tis out there now!
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  12. I'm a big Midnite Vultures fan. I also loved Sea Change and parts of Guero. Outside of those albums Beck sort of loses me.

    I'm interested in this new album. @Hitchcock I'm thirsty for your review.
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  13. Wow this is full of bops huh? Alright Miss Beck.

    Loving this so far. I'm So Free is such a banger, Feist is a great addition.
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  14. I spent oodles on one of the deluxe bundles on his website, so I'm keeping fingers crossed despite no trains coming to the station.
  15. This is a really solid record. It has the consistent, upbeat sonic palette similar to Modern Guilt, but with a modern take on 80s New Wave. Really consistent, good start to finish.

    Though Beck doesn't really have a bad record does he? What a catalogue.
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  16. I agree. It's a cracking album. There's a couple I'm not crazy about(yet), but most of them are so, so tuneful and addictive. I'm So Free and the title track are my current favourites!
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  17. I feel like Beck's fans quietly ignore The Information, which is one of his most complete works. It's a really interesting arty visual album and the songs are uniformly strong. It has to be up there with his best efforts. It should have won a Grammy for Best Album.
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  18. I'll listen tomorrow. I'm not particularly excited for this but I secretly hope it blows me away.
  19. This album is very... heterosexual Scissor Sisters. I mean that in a good way and a bad way.

    Me trying to figure out if I like Wow:
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  20. Wow is the weakest song on the album. And the album version of Dreams shouldn’t exist. The rest of it is pure gold! I’ve only heard the album once when I was on the metro this morning and I still remember the melodies of a few songs. This may not be his best artistic work, but it’s one hell of a pop album! I’m looking forward to playing this on the way back from work too..
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