Becky G - Esquinas + General Discussion

Becky G isn't releasing her album until she's 18 I thought. The stuff released so far has all been buzz tracks, either singles on their own or part of an EP, to generate buzz for next year.
A local radio station allows listeners to sign up for weekly polls on new music and this song has ended up in this week's poll. Could Rebecca Gomez be on the verge of pop culture domination?!
I wish I could erase Becky from the Block from my memory because Shower is quite nice. I didn't know Dr. Luke had signed her?
I keep thinking it's going to be Iggy's Work with the string intro. "Walk a mile in these louboutins..."

The pre-chorus is better than the chorus.


This is her strongest performing single so far, and I won't be surprised if this instantly skyrockets this year.


Here's an acoustic performance of the song. LALALADILALALADALALALADADA!

The good sis.