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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by salmonandmash, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. So the singer from The Voice UK (Series One) who was part of Team Jessie has just announced that she's signed a record deal with Parlophone.

    She also features on one of the Rudimental album tracks ("Powerless") and has been appearing with them at their festival slots.

    I love her voice, and she really could be huge if she gets the right material and is marketed correctly!

    Here's the stuff she's featured on so far:
    Gecko (Overdrive) with Oliver Heldens:
    Afterglow with Wilkinson:
    Powerless with Rudimental:
    Not Giving In (Cover):

    Her first solo output, Caution To The Wind:
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  2. 2014

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    She's already got a number 1 under her belt (Gecko with Oliver Heldens) and I love Afterglow, the track she featured on by Wilkinson, so I'm very excited for a lot more new material from her - her voice is great!
  3. K94


    Loving 'Caution To The Wind' - I've been routing for her since The Voice so this is all exciting. She's really worked hard.
  4. Love her, cannot wait for her own material.
  5. Yes, Caution to the Wind is flawless. I just love this girls voice, and the fact that she's the FIRST UK Voice contestant to have a #1 is quite the feat.

    Heavily anticipating this one.
  6. She's brilliant. Vocally she's like an interesting Adele for me.

    Overdrive is perfection, I'd love her to venture a little further into dance.
  7. 'Overdrive' is one of the few tracks of its kind (and popularity) this year that I've properly stopped and taken notice of and it's largely down to her vocal performance. She positively tears it apart and manages to compliment the earth-shattering production where so many others would be swallowed up by it.
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  8. Caution To The Wind is fantastic!
  9. I always thought she sounded like Lauryn Hill but without the downers. Really incredible, special voice.
  10. Yes she was The Voice of her year alongside Vince Kidd really. Her doing Basement Jaxx on the show was possibly the best decision they've ever made, it really set her up for this dance stuff perfectly.

    It's also great that since leaving the show, she's not relied on it or used it to her advantage at all, and it's really paid off because she's carving herself a career out of it.

    Caution To The Wind is really nice, and Overdrive has the hook of the year for me, so damn catchy.
  11. I've no idea who she is, but the new song is nice. Great, current-sounding production.
  12. Caution To The Wind has leapt into my top songs of the year. Blippy in all the right places, and her voice is understated but never undersells her abilities. Magical.
  13. I didn't know she had a brand new song out!!

    I've just downloaded it from Itunes, and what a great song. Although it's at #119 unfourtunetly, I have no idea why it's been released so early/
  14. She's the only person i've liked on The Voice.
    Her vocal is flawless! Glad she's doing well.
  15. It's pretty nice but I was hoping for something with a bit more oomph.
  16. New track's great, hope she gets a real push.
  17. In the same boat. After Overdrive, it's quite hard to have anything on the same level but this is pretty great. It's on par with Caution to the Wind as far as quality goes (love them both!).
  18. Too shouty a singer for my liking.
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