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Becky Hill - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by salmonandmash, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. I just love how her voice is perfect for the dance genre. It just WORKS on every level.
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  2. I actually like the cartoon artworks. It helps tie everything together and presumably makes her more memorable to casual listeners.
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  3. Her cousin bought a 50 quid Adobe Illustrator course and they're going to get their money's worth.
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  4. The cartoons were cute and quirky at first but now she’s smashing I need some real pictures
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  5. HOW is she mates with every fucking producer out there. Perched and girded.
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  6. Why is the instrumental literally Sigala We Got Love
  7. Better off without you Is a mega bop, really hope this does well for her
  8. It's average, leans very heavily towards Wish You Well and in general sounds like a Becky Hill megamix. I Could Get Used To This is miles ahead.
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  9. ‘Better Without You’ is great, but i worry as I feel ‘I Could Get Used To This’ was a stronger track and that stalled outside the Top 40. I guess her profile has been improving with the Sigala and Meduza tracks so here’s hoping the new one catches on.
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  10. Verses sound kinda close to Polaroid by Jonas Blue
  11. I like it, and I think it’ll do pretty well. It’s nothing new or groundbreaking but at this point in her career it doesn’t need to be. The song itself and it’s formula are obviously calculated for the purpose of commercial success (hence the simalarities to Sigala etc) but that’s what she needs right now so that further down the line she can experiment more etc.
    I’m continued to be pleasantly surprised at her success, like she has a handful of certified hits under her belt now - and her monthly listeners on spotify are absolutely insane considering she came from The Voice. I remember watching her around that time and loving her voice. She should be really, really proud of what she’s achieved.
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  12. I've just got back from Australia, and everytime I was in an Uber, I Need Your Love would be on the radio.
    I have no idea if that means she's 'big down under' or not, but was nice to hear.
    I've yet to make a judgement on Better Off Without You, but it is not as instant for me as most of her other stuff.
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  13. I have to say ‘Get To Know’ was a clever idea from her team / label. I know she said the plan was to release a new EP with the four new tracks, but what would that have achieved? It would have only appealed to her dedicated followers. This collection will have introduced her to new followers and it peaked outside the Top 20 so is definitely more successful than the EP would have been (not in terms of sales, but reaching a larger audience).
  14. Great to hear she's getting some international coverage.

    Lose Control is huge and it proves again that she can get a hit with the right formula. Better off without you doesn't hit the mark quite like Lose Control for me, but the direction is perfect for her.

    I also learned recently that she lent her vocals to Pete Tong's Ibiza Classics record and it's brilliant.

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  15. She just needs to do an acoustic/orchestral version to get coin from the breakup scenes of Love Island.
  16. Better Off Without You is good, but probably the weakest track she’s pushed in a while. She sounds great, as ever, but the production is a bit dated.

    I wouldn’t mind her doing a bit of drum and bass. She loves the genre and hasn’t really done anything close to it since Afterglow and Gecko.

  17. Embarrassing for the show after all these series that it has only produced one star.....but man, what one hell of a star Becky Hill is.
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  18. Her Insta stories about this are quite fun to watch
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  19. She's owed a performance slot, get ha on.
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  20. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Becky's run on the show on her season was pretty great, she literally barnstormed every single performance. I always loved this, the song choice and the microphone, whew a talent!

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