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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by salmonandmash, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. I love how she's still active today through what feels like sheer force of will. She deserves to be much bigger of course, but she's got a lot of collab hits, a really strong solo catalogue and even a (slightly scammed) top 40 album. Not too shabby for a Voice UK contestant from 2012.
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  2. It's worth noting the album hasn't left the top 100 since release either and has been back in the top 40 the last two weeks. She might even snatch a certification for it at some point this year.

    Better Off Without You is doing good (for Becky) as well, Flopify just needs to catch up and she may well have a hit on her hands. I think it might go top 40 this week which would be a first for a solo track.

    Better Off without You

    #15 Bolivia
    #20 United Kingdom
    #75 Ireland

    #88 Ireland
    #107 United Kingdom
    Apple Music:

    #32 United Kingdom
    #40 Ireland
    #136 Lithuania
    #153 Malta
    #376 Norway
    #404 Finland
    #459 Germany
  3. ‘Only You’ has randomly gone top 40 on iTunes, is this being used in an advert or something? How odd.
  4. Love Island last night, so just a one off I'm afraid.
    Was really odd bc I haven't listened to this since the day it came out, but I played it about 9.55 just before Love Island started, was SHOOK to hear it again just a few minutes later!
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  5. Sales for the album according to BuzzJack

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  6. Pre-sale also confirms a proper debut album is also coming!!
  7. “Lots of u we’re sad” is killing me.
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  8. There is NO apostrophe in the tweet I will not stand for this slander Vas
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  9. I can’t wait for the album to be pushed back until 2022
  10. Yessss. Perched for a whole new swathe of near-hits by then.
  11. Becky and Kathleen better give us proper albums this year.
  12. The song actually might become a hit for her. Playlisted on both Radio 1 + 2 this week and it's been climbing about 10 spots a day on Spotify. She went from around #30 to #13 on Hot Hits UK playlist. Seems like the onslaught of Back and Forth, I Could Get Used To This, Wish You Well and Lose Control in 2019 has the paved the way to her solo stuff being embraced.

    #31 United Kingdom
    #60 United Kingdom
    Apple Music:
    #15 United Kingdom
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  13. UK stats for Better Off Without You, it's at 25 in the mids. It's making decent climbs on Spotify everyday at the moment. B-Listed on Radio 1, A-Listed on Radio 2 and Capital are spinning it pretty regularly. Another week or so and it should go top 20, potentially low top 10 if the stars align.

    #9 United Kingdom
    #34 United Kingdom
    Apple Music:
    #16 United Kingdom
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  14. I know Better Off Without You is generic and abit ‘mega mix’ sounding, but what a tune. Feel like this will be a hit for sure.
    Surprisingly Lose Control is my least favorite thing she’s released recently.
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  15. ‘Only You’ is a beautiful cover. Stunning voice.
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  17. Her acoustic versions of her dance collaborations are always gorgeous. One of the best voices in pop right now.
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  18. Her song with MEDUZA is a smash here in Brazil. It plays at every (straight) party. The success of Piece Of Your Heart helped, obviously.

    So glad for her, have loved Becky from day one.
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