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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by salmonandmash, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. Another act pulled out so Becky got given the performance. She turned it around in 48 hours.
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  2. She did great considering it was such short notice, great vocals as well. Hopefully it'll give the song a nudge, it's been sat just outside the top 20 for the last 4 weeks.
  3. Whew she sounds amazing!
  4. She did great.

    I’m actually surprised she’s never been asked to perform at The Voice UK, since she’s their only success story.
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  5. Better Off has really grown on me. She’s such a bop machine.

    I hope it becomes a hit for her - following her on insta, I think she really takes to heart how much she struggles to get a good chart placement without it just being a DJ feature. (Although Shiftk3y is credited on this track, it certainly feels more like a solo effort.)
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    Her voice is insane. I wonder who was the act that pulled out??
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  7. It was Freya Ridings, she'd been ill with the flu all week.
  8. 2014

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    Becky Hill instead of Freya Ridings? Now that's what I call an upgrade!
  9. NEW
    It’s been a while since I’ve felt this good about a Top 40 write up. #mypopgirls
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  10. Looks like there'll be another Sigala collab coming with Becky as the lead artist, and a song with Ella Eyre.
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  11. "I'll never stop doing the feature thing"

    The good sis has started seeing those royalty cheques come through and is smart enough to know which side her bread is buttered. Work.
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  12. Ah she seems so sweet and level headed, and honestly admirable for how hard she’s what a work ethic! I’ve never thought about how much it must mean to her to see her name first on a hit, as it’s usually her collaborator who comes first.
    I stan.
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  13. #16 this week. Still climbing on Spotify.
    The album, compilation whatever it is has been in the chart for 23 weeks as well.
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  14. I’m really happy for her that’s she’s having some success on her own. She seems very sweet and down to earth & she has an amazing voice and killer songs, so god knows she deserves it!
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  15. Enjoyable.

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  16. I hope the success of Better Off Without You propels her to even more success.
    That Live Lounge was phenomenal, she's such a talent.
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  17. Vertical video:

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