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Becky Hill - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by salmonandmash, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. The single went Silver this week, still stable in the top 20 as well. I would imagine it'll go Gold by the end of the year.

    Chart run:
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  2. It's going Platinum for sure. I only need her to release Get To Know as a physical album with a lead single and I'm a happy chap. I guess the Sigala single featuring both Ella and Becky is next, right?
  3. "debut compilation album"

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  4. A Greatest Hits as your debut album though?

    That's difficult to get, not everybody has that.
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  5. Better Off Without You is now Silver.
  6. I’m buzzing for her next release. She makes absolute bops
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  7. I listened to her album and I really enjoyed it. It's very consistent. I kinda forgot about her after Piece of Me, which I ran into the ground in 2016. I'm happy to see that she finally got a full album out.

    I'm also listening to this EP she put out three years ago and I like it so far! Back to My Love and Warm are bops.
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  8. Tiesto and Becky Hill are both teasing a new song that sounds absolutely massive.

    I think it might be coming next Friday.
  9. It does sound massive!

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  10. Nothing Really Matters comes out this Friday. It sounds like a mammoth bop.

    I can't wait to get drunk in my living room to it.
  11. I'm ready for another Top 10 smash from Miss Hill. Keep it rolling, girl!
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  12. I'm so glad she's finding success at last. At least one success story for The Voice UK. Legend.
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  13. She’s literally the queen of dance music at this point. She’s so iconic.
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  14. Another guaranteed income stream for Chequey Hill. We love to see it.
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  15. Hillegend strikes again.
  16. Queeeeen
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  18. MB


    Bop. Although I'm not sure about the 'na na na na nathing matters' part.
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  19. Does anyone know when this will be on UK Spotify? I’m so perched, everything she releases is an absolute bop
  20. MB


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