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Bedtime Stories is 25

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by torontodj, Oct 25, 2019.

  1. Its indeed my favourite Madonna album too. Such an autumnal album. Slightly controversial is that I don't like Bedtime Story. To my ears it was Madonna singing Bjork badly at karaoke. Survival/Secret/Inside of Me are my golden 3.
  2. Bedtime Story, is a total tune personally, but the best of the 4 singles in my view, has to be Human Nature. If any song was an classic Madonna anthem, than it was this.
  3. Mr.Arroz

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    A terrific album, and one of her most slept-on for being in between Erotica and Ray of Light, two watershed moments in her career. I've always seen it as one of her most pleasant, especially since its messaging is very subtle but still so cutting. I CHERISH the pink promo vinyl set of it that I own (cost me $200 back in 2015), and the reissue back in 2016. Her power!

    also it's made influenced by new jack swing too versus simply r&b and we should recognize that!
  4. Any love for Secret? It's not as poignant as Human Nature or Bedtime Story and hasn't entered Madonna's classic balladry vault like Take A Bow, but it's my favorite single. I love its bluesy, soulful vibe which remains a rare sonority on Madonna's repertoir.
  5. Secret, is a gem. I love her worldly wise and yet also wistful vocal delivery on it.
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  6. By far the best single on Bedtime Stories. I think it's partly why the rest of the album felt like a let-down.
  7. Inside Of Me, Forbidden Love, Love Tried To Welcome Me - top tier album tracks.
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  8. Such an elegant and lush album... as already mentioned it somehow feels eternally autumnal. Often underrated but it continues to age very gracefully. The only track I've never taken to is Human Nature which sonically and thematically is really jarring with the rest of the album, and should really have been a b-side at best. I've swapped it for the majestically sweeping I Want You, which makes for a spectacular centrepiece on an album that is then one long gorgeous ode to love.
  9. Eternally Autumnal. I like it! It's very true in fact, as an whole album experience, I tend to revisit Bedtime Stories much more this time of year. Just is a perfect soundtrack for it.
  10. Despite “Bedtime Story” being one of my all time favorites, “Secret” is really more of an iconic Madonna song to me. I remember it being played A LOT on the radio and I was a toddler when it came out (the “mmmmm”s really stuck with me).
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  11. Melodie McDaniels video for Secret is iconic.
  12. Some stans saying back then Frozen was a Secret rip off because of the mmmms... I had to laugh.
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  13. Really??! Just based on THAT! Wow!
  14. This was the first album I ever listened to as a kid, I was 4 when it came out so I probably started going through my mums CD's when I was 5/6. I think I played this and Immaculate Collection on repeat until I was about 8 years old. It was my first exploration into Madonna and I adored everything.

    I had the cover of her upside down and I remember I when I was a kid I used to turn the booklet round because she looked really odd "upright". Memories.
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  15. Cool advert-despite the wrong date in the description.
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  16. Definitely one of my favourite Madge albums. And, as others have said, one that I always revisit at this time of year. The only slight gripe for me are the lyrics to Don't Stop which make me want to skip that track sometimes.
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  17. Don't Stop is a bop, but it's probably the only song that doesn't quite sit as well on the album which is quite dark and moody on the whole.
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  18. Madonna has come up with far worse lyrics than the ones created for Don’t Stop. Hell, you can find worse lyrics on American Life. Don’t Stop is supposed to be a laid back, chill out record. Just a bop, not to be taken seriously. It’s cute.
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