Been Rating: The Jessica Mauboy Discography Rate (RESULTS - OUR WINNER REVEALED!)


The year was 2006.

Deep in the dry, red-hot deserts near Alice Springs, Australia, two D-list celebrities and soul icon Marcia Hines found themselves lost and alone. Melting into their chairs under the scorching Australian sun. Thirsty for water and even thirstier for talent.

Australian Idol had done them real dirty this time. Until, like a mirage, they heard a voice.

'Shaaaaaaare my liiiiife...'

Instant hydration. Broad spectrum sun protection. Shelter from the sandstorms (and the Sandilands).

The voice was smooth. Clear. Angelic. And it belonged to Jessica Hilda Mauboy.

From that first Whitney rendition, Miss Mauboy was on the country's radar - delivering knockout performance after knockout performance (except for a bit of a rough take on the Bee Gee's "Words"). And although she finished runner-up to Damien Leith ('who?' the gays ask), Jessica was the winner in the hearts and minds of everyone with taste. We stanned. Well, I definitely stanned.


Once signed to Sony, it was hard to say what Jess was going to do - if much of anything. She
replaced Ricki-Lee in the Young Divas and stole the whole damn show on the colossal banger that is "Turn Me Loose" - but the group's second album didn't exactly take off. Was that it for our girl? Would she ever get her time in the solo sun?

The answer came in 2008, when Jessica ARRIVED with "Running Back". Sure, having Flo Rida (who was HUGE at the time was) on the track was a massive get for an Aussie girl's debut single. But it was the song's amazing R'n'B-pop production and Jess' incredible vocals that really made people sit up and take notice. SHE WASN'T PLAYING. The song hit the top five, went double-platinum, and set up Jess as a viable pop star.


Turns out, it was just the beginning. Her debut album "Been Waiting was one of the biggest-selling albums by an Australian artist that year. Second single "Burn" leapfrogged "Running Back" to hit number one. The bops kept coming - and so did the hits. In the space of a year, Jess had gone from singing-show-runner-up-featured-on-girl-group's-flop-album to a viable popstar.

(Did I mention we stanned?)


In the TEN YEARS since, J-Mally has pressed on with a strong pop game. From the sleek, commercial beats of 'Get 'Em Girls' to the soul success of 'The Sapphires', the fizzy dance-pop of 'Beautiful' to the euphoric "We Got Love" at this year's Eurovision, she's become one of the most iconique presences in Australian pop. She's racked up 9 top-10 singles, 6 top-10 albums (including 2 number ones), and one PopJustice rate.

Which starts now.
Over the next few weeks, we'll be rating all of Jess' original studio tracks that have been released on an album - include deluxe re-releases (of which she's had a few.) ALSO, because I'm a dedicated stan who wants to give y'all the best possible rate, I've tracked down the studio version of "Over and Over" - which was released as a B-Side on the "To The End Of The Earth" physical single. Bear with as I figure out the best way to share this with y'all.

So turn it up and put it down. Do your make-up and your hair the way you like (like), you like. Pop a bottle of your love. Ride, ride, ride on a Saturday night. And get on your get 'em girls. Because we've been waiting so long - and once we've made the definitive call on the best Jessica Mauboy song of all time, things are never gonna be the same.


Not on Spotify:
Over and Over

DECEMBER 10, 2018

  • Use the PM list in the post below this to fill out your scores and send them over to me, thanks!
  • As per usual, score each song out of 10 - and give an 11 to the J-Mally track you think's the pick of the bunch.
  • I'll accept scores with a decimal points as long as they're not crazy. We're talking 0.1-0.9 and the usual 0.25, 0.5 and 0.75 fare. If you're giving a 7.85732 to a Beautiful deluxe track, you can Go (I don't need you anyway).
  • Please hit me up with some commentary! You can say as little or as much as you want, as long as you say something.
  • Don't be a troll.
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The Been Waiting Era

Running Back (feat. Flo Rida)
Been Waiting
To The Floor
Time After Time
Let Me Be Me
Chinese Whispers
Do It Again
That Girl
Now I Know

The Get 'Em Girls Era

Get 'Em Girls (feat. Snoop Dogg)
Handle It
Accelerate That
Scariest Part
Saturday Night (feat. Ludacris)
What Happened To Us (feat. Jay Sean)
Like This (feat. Iyaz)
Can Anybody Tell Me
Fight For You
Here For Me
Forget Your Name
Nobody Knows
Not Me
Make It Alright
Galaxy (feat. Stan Walker)
No One Like You

The Sapphires Era


The Beautiful Era

Kiss Me Hello
Pop a Bottle (Fill Me Up)
I Believe
Never Be The Same
In Love Again
I'll Be There
Go (I Don't Need You)
Heartbreak Party
To The End Of The Earth
Kick Up Your Heels (feat. Pitbull)
Can I Get A Moment?
The Day Before I Met You
All Mine
Nothing To Lose
Over and Over

The 'Secret Daughter' Era

Risk It
Stuck In The Middle
Home To Me
Then I Met You

The 'Other Songs That Don't Belong To An Era' Era

Turn Me Loose (with the Young Divas)
Something's Got A Hold On Me
Sea Of Flags
This Ain't Love
Where I'll Stay
We Got Love
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71. Not Me - 6.135
70. That Girl- 6.435
69. No One Like You - 6.735
68. Foreign - 6.83
67. Make It Alright - 6.93
66. Now I Know - 6.935
65. I'll Be There - 6.945
64. Time After Time - 6.99
63. Breathe - 7.115
62. The Day Before I Met You - 7.21
61. Do It Again - 7.23
60. Can I Get A Moment? - 7.26
59. All Mine - 7.27
58. Chinese Whispers - 7.3
57. Magical - 7.31
56. In Love Again - 7.365
55. Home To Me - 7.38
54. Palace - 7.43
53. Handle It - 7.44
52. Stuck In The Middle - 7.445
51. Let Me Be Me - 7.505
50. Nothing To Lose - 7.525
49. Here For Me - 7.555
48. Kiss Me Hello - 7.57
47. Accelerate That - 7.6
46.Honest - 7.64
45. Because - 7.675
44. Heartbreak Party - 7.685
43. Barriers - 7.705
42. Kick Up Your Heels (feat. Pitbull) - 7.715
41. Get 'Em Girls (feat. Snoop Dogg) - 7.725
40. Risk It - 7.74
39. Can Anybody Tell Me - 7.75
38. Closer - 7.785
37. Back2U - 7.8
36. Reconnected - 7.855
35. Nobody Knows
33 (TIE). Used2B/Where I'll Stay - 7.96
31 (TIE). What Happened To Us (feat. Jay Sean)/Go (I Don't Need You) - 7.97
30. Sea Of Flags - 7.985
29. Fallin' - 8.005
28. Galaxy (feat. Stan Walker) - 8.045
27. Then I Met You - 8.07
26. Runnin' - 8.15
25. Fight For You - 8.17
24. Like This (feat. Iyaz) - 8.175
23. To The Floor - 8.245
22. Scariest Part - 8.3
21. Empty - 8.41
20. Something's Got A Hold On Me - 8.46
19. I Believe - 8.575
18. Up/Down - 8.595
17. Run - 8.615
16. Beautiful - 8.64
15. Turn Me Loose (with the Young Divas) - 8.65
14. Forget Your Name - 8.745
13. Maze - 8.86
12. To The End Of The Earth - 8.875
11. Never Be The Same - 8.94
10. Saturday Night (feat. Ludacris) - 8.975
9. Gotcha - 9.01
8. Over And Over - 9.055
7. We Got Love - 9.085
6. Inescapable - 9.09
5. Been Waiting - 9.21
4. Burn - 9.28
3. This Ain't Love - 9.31
2. Running Back (feat. Flo Rida) - 9.35
1. Pop A Bottle (Fill Me Up) - 9.52

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Know nothing about her music, so fans, is her music going to be up my alley?

I think so! Some of Get ‘Em Girls might veer a little too heavily into hip hop-R’n’B territory (this is just an assumption based on the acts we both love, so apols if I’ve got that wrong!), but you should find plenty to like otherwise! Some solid gold pop bops and ballads in there.

Ps. I’ll have Over and Over uploaded by the end of the day so y’all have every track ready to rate!