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Beijing 2022: Winter Thee Olympics

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Petty Mayonnaise, Jan 11, 2022.


What event are you most looking forward to?

  1. Figure Skating Obviously

  2. Curling

  3. Speed Skating

  4. Bobsleigh

  5. Skiing

  6. Snowboarding

  7. etc.

Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. [​IMG]

    23 Days until the Opening Ceremony!

    35 Days until the Women's Single Figure Skating aka The BPG Rate of the sporting world!

    I'm sure there are also other things that some people care about that are happening!
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  2. The fact that you didn't want for me to open this? Let me add you to the kill list.
  3. NHL again banning Ice Hockey players from playing is literally super annoying… Not being able to see Crosby and McDavid playing on the same team, like fuck everyone involved.
  4. Please check with me before you express any opinions about figure skating! It's not fun for either of us if you end up being publicly wrong!
  5. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Did I take vacation time so I could fully focus on a Winter Olympics with a horrific time zone conversion slot?

  6. Will the US finally get some individual medals? Speak comfort to me sis

  7. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    I voted for figure skating because obviously, but I’m almost as hyped for all the short track speed skating controversies that will inevitably happen.
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  8. Nathan will probably win men’s. Vincent could win a silver or bronze medal but we don’t want that to happen. There is an possibility (not a huge one) that Hubbell/Donohue or Chock/Bates will win bronze in ice dance. No chance of anything else. Be happy if one American woman finishes in the top ten.
  9. I love curling.
  10. Me on the way to strap skates onto Michelle Kwan's baby

  11. I’ve really grown to love speed skating. It’s anxiety x 100 when I’m watching.

    Maybe the only “good” thing Covid brought to my world is back to back Olympics. Can’t wait to watch!!!
  12. Not 2022 related but this seemed like a place where people might enjoy it —

    Great series but the highlight for me was David Pelletier… then AND now… yum.
  13. I still can't believe that 2006 Winter Olympics OC's parade of nations was made to the sound of 70's and 80's tunes, starting with Chic's Good Times. Popjustice!

  14. Skating (team event) starts tonight, 9pm eastern! Men, ice dance, pairs.

  15. This routine was the gayest thing I've ever seen but proud of @RJF for making the Olympics
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  16. I just put on the opening ceremony as background noise, let's see how this goes.
  17. Congrats to New Zealand getting their first ever Winter Olympic gold medal, thirty years after becoming the first ever Southern Hemisphere country to medal at the Winter Olympics.

  18. A Jesus Christ Superstar routine with a crown of thorns neckline, a counting of 39 lashes and an ending crucifix pose

    What I love about figure skating is the subtlety
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