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Beijing 2022: Winter Thee Olympics

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Petty Mayonnaise, Jan 11, 2022.


What event are you most looking forward to?

  1. Figure Skating Obviously

  2. Curling

  3. Speed Skating

  4. Bobsleigh

  5. Skiing

  6. Snowboarding

  7. etc.

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  1. Congratulations to Erin Jackson, on becoming the first black woman to win gold in speed skating.
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  2. Nathan is a beautiful skater but I agree that his routine and presentation were “meh” compared to many of the skaters who placed below him. Jason Brown and the skaters from Japan and Korea had much more effective routines to me.
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  3. Congratulations to Gabriella and Guillaume finally winning gold and to Madison Hubbell for winning bronze and being proposed to by Adrián on Valentine's Day.
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  4. Did anyone just watch the women's team speed skating final? Japan had it in the bag but one of the skaters fell right before they reached the finishing line and Canada ended up winning the gold and breaking the Olympic record. The Japanese skaters were crying afterwards, I felt so bad for them

    My other highlights of the day were Ashley Caldwell celebrating her competitor/friend Xu Mengtao's gold medal in freestyle aerials, Eileen Gu going from placing last to winning the silver, and Max Parrot (Canadian cancer survivor who won gold in snowboard last week) going from 10th to winning the bronze. He's the idol of Su Yiming, the 17 year old who won gold

    Going back to the last page, I was ready to hate on Nathan Chen's free skate but he really impressed me. His artistry has improved a lot
  5. The absolute chaos after Valieva placed 4th, with Trusova having a mental breakdown and Shcherbakova just sitting there… shameful, embarrassing. I think figure skating should just be removed from the Olympics at this point. And Eteri Tutberidze needs to be punished for what she’s done. .
  6. Feeling so sad for these young girls (and countless others, and not only under Tutberidze) who have been exploited to the extreme with little to no concern for their health and well being, being chewed up and then spat out once they reach puberty. All this added by rigging scoring system and government bodies turning the blind eye. Major changes need to happen in women's figure skating.
  7. On other news, a medal for GB is guaranteed as the men's curling team qualified to the final.
  8. And the women's team is also in the final.
  9. Congratulations to Belgium winning their first Winter Olympic gold medal since 1948 and to Slovakia winning the bronze on men's ice hockey. Also, after the dumpster fire of the women's competition, the pairs competition was very exciting and it was nice to see the figure skating schedule end in a high note.
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