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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Deleted member 312, Nov 8, 2009.

  1. Also, I'm sure fans are jumping at the opportunity to have In Too Deep on vinyl.
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  2. It was released on 7” picture disc back in the day! I’d rather lovely!
  3. I'd much rather own it on an actual album, non-picture disc. Picture discs have a bad rep!
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  4. I picked up Gold in Sainsburys today. Such good value.

    Apparently it's no.10 in the midweek album chart.
  5. Yey!
  6. I had a look at Gold is Asda the other day. It's quite a bizarre collection of songs.
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  7. Agreed. Wouldn’t be my choice of tracks. “All Gods Children” is dire. But it does have all the essentials on it. The hits, plus Nobody Owns Me, Should I Let You In, Valentine, I Plead Insanity, You’re Nothing Without Me, Goodbye Day and Too Much Water. The only thing missing as far as I’m concerned is “The Air That You Breathe” and “Emotional Highway”
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  8. I love All God's Children.
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  9. You are not alone. Emotional Highway is also never missed.
  10. ALL GOD'S CHILDREN is a triumph
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  11. The word you're looking for is...random.
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  12. The fact that they finally made the full version of “In My Wildest Dreams” available and didn’t include it on this is INSANITY.
  13. So do I, That and Prayer for Everyone are great late 90s bops. I don’t even care that the titles read as Christian Pop.
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  14. Where is In My Wildest Dreams available now?
  15. Only on this currently:

  16. Thanks - good to know! And yes shame it isn't included anywhere else, would be good to have it on Spotify/iTunes.
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  17. Another 'I want a Cher moment' low key bop!
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  18. Isn't My Wildest Dreams a Youtube rip? I read complaints about this when this box set was released.
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  19. Yes all her stuff for lost in the fires.
  20. All Gods Children is superb. I would have loved a whole album in that style.
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