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Belinda Carlisle

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Deleted member 312, Nov 8, 2009.

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  2. Thanks for posting, it was a nice read on this gloomy day. I wish she didn't dislike A Woman and a Man so much because there are some great tunes there, but I understand why it would be tainted.
  3. I agree I love A Woman & A Man. Some great tracks on there and possibly my 2nd or 3rd fave Belinda album (Runaway Horses always #1 and Live Your Life Be Free next/changeable with A Woman & A Man at #2)
  4. Awesome article, thanks for posting! Really enjoyed reading that
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  5. Well she performed 'A woman and a man' on the Runaway horses tour so she can't hate it that much.
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  7. I wish Demon would get their act together and release A Woman & a Man on vinyl, it truly is a great album and deserves a pressing. They've re-issued the Virgin albums several times, there must be license discrepancies.
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  8. They own the virgin stuff outright (exc US/ Canada) whereas they have to licence each time for Belinda/ A Woman And A Man/ Voila
  9. I thought that might be the case, it’d be nice to get A Woman and a Man though. I was lucky to buy Belinda’s entire 80s albums and singles on vinyl for £15 years ago so I’m good for Belinda.
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  10. Regarding the vinyl reissues of Belinda, does someone know the quality? To be honest the quality of the old vinyls are amazing and very good. Also I think that the covers are better in the original pressings. Regarding the quality it is said that they took the cd sound for the vinyl reissues.
  11. The original pressing of Belinda’s albums are definitely the way to go, the latest pressings sound like they have a bit too much high frequency to my ears.
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  12. This really did deserve to be another top 10 hit. Strange campaign and mixed results for the Runaway Horses album.
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  13. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

    I always find it weird to think William Orbit was working with her in 1986 - albeit doing a bit of reswizzling. But still. 34 years ago!

    Doubly weird to think that he’s 63 now.
  14. Looks like the live your life be free tour will never happen but this should be ace:
  15. “Decades tour” sounds a bit odd no?
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  16. All 3.5 of them...
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  17. Anyone got tickets yet? I did. I'm going to the one in Bexhill.
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  18. Yeah, Manny for me on a Saturday night.
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