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Belinda Carlisle

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Deleted member 312, Nov 8, 2009.

  1. They just played Get Together on Michael Ball’s Radio 2 show. Lovely song.
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  2. It was nice to tune into the radio and hear her being interviewed, I actually really like her new song, it’s well produced.
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  3. Yeah it was a lovely to hear her chatting and then the surprise of the new song too. Her vocals sound strong and it’s a very nice track. I’ll definitely be getting that National Album Day release now.
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  4. Here's a link to hear the interview and the new song: (1:31 onwards)

    She teases that The Go-Go's are hopefully coming over, which isn't something I ever anticipated happening. I was hoping to see them in Vegas for NYE, but that doesn't seem very likely at this point.
  5. Screaming that she couldn’t remember the name of the new song.
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  6. This made me laugh, blaming it on being 6am over there.
  7. "They do a really good job on re-releases - you know, sometimes they can be sloppy and just thrown out there and really cheaply done."

    Huh. I wonder what that would be like.
  8. Get Together isn't bad actually. Her vocal is very strong. It's just not an amazing song, but it's nice enough.
  9. My Woman and a Man purple vinyl box set arrived today and it’s gorgeous.
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  10. It is beautiful and it sounds amazing, I’m so glad to finally have this album on vinyl.
    And having I Won’t Say I’m In Love on vinyl is a mega bonus.
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  11. There’s a new dance record called Be Free that samples guess what Belinda classic.

    It’s only two lines from the chorus over and over but nice to hear (what I think is) her voice on ye olde airwaves again.
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  12. Yeah it's a sample.
  13. Fuming it doesn't have the "if you want me I'll be there, to run my fingers through your hair" bridge, it's the best part of the song.
  14. Oh yes, recently heard this myself and it was an nice unexpected treat too. Nice to see this lost classic get the modern day treatment-and done good too.
  15. I heard about this a while ago. I preferred the Live Element track in 2001/2
  16. Joining the choir!

    We joke a lot about Belinda's reissues, but it's quite fabulous that her albums are being given lavish, expanded editions.

  17. I'm glad it's the right version of (I Won't Say) I'm in Love this time.
  18. That Be Free song has been playlisted by Radio 1 - so odd hearing Belinda on such a youth oriented station.
  19. I really do love this song so much.
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  20. I threw a copy of Gold in with my groceries today, it was only £3.
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