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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Deleted member 312, Nov 8, 2009.

  1. Great collection really, though I still skip the Yoga album tracks.
  2. It'll nicely remedy the terrible quality versions I have of the Belinda singles and there's a handful of tracks I've never heard of on there.
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  3. Live Your Life Be Free...and Live Well For Less.
  4. The Live Your Life Be Free - 30th Anniversary boxset seems to have been pushed back until November 12th according to Amazon.
  5. I'm reminded that during the Voyage announcement livestream, at one point Zoe Ball said something to Björn and Benny like "you've been living your lives" and I wanted to shout "being free!"
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  6. Are the unreleased bonus tracks the same as the original expansion in 2013 ?
    LP1: Original album
    Live Your Life Be Free
    Do You Feel Like I Feel?
    Half The World
    You Came Out of Nowhere
    You’re Nothing Without Me
    I Plead Insanity
    Emotional Highway
    Little Black Book
    Love Revolution
    World Of Love
    Loneliness Game

    LP2: B-sides and remixes
    Only A Dream
    The Air You Breathe
    Live Your Life Be Free (Single Edit)
    Do You Feel Like I Feel? (Single Edit)
    I Plead Insanity (Single Mix)
    Live Your Life Be Free (Radio Edit)
    Live Your Life Be Free (Club Mix)
    Little Black Book (Little Black Mix)
    Do You Feel Like I Feel? (Dance Mix)

    LP3: Remixes
    I Plead Insanity (Extended 12″)
    Live Your Life Be Free (Extended)
    Little Black Book (Belinda’s In The House Mix)
    Live Your Life Be Free (House Mix)
    I Plead Insanity (Remix/Dub Mix)
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  8. I still can’t believe “The Air You Breathe” never made it onto an album. What a song!
  9. this is my go-to Belinda compilation. All the essentials are present and correct.

    The only thing that lets it down is the awful 1991 “Vision of You” remix rather than the standard 1989 single edit.
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  10. Course this also happens to have the DVD....
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  11. Ooh not sure. Always Breaking My Heart is absent on this one!
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  12. This was my rediscovering of Belinda after slowly becoming more of a fan of her a few years prior. A solid compilation and also gives Sun a good home.
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  13. I really like her version of Both Sides Now.
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  14. one of her best
  15. Whoever curated Gold did a really good job. They picked almost all of the album highlights and kept a fwe of the duds out *cough* Emotional Highway *cough*.

    There are a couple from Real I miss and the title track from A Woman and a Man is a Boplinda classic, so odd not to see it here either.
  16. Gasp !! You speak ill of Emotional Highway ... baby baby I thought we were two of a kind ...
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  17. I freakin love Emotional Highway
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  18. Amazing.
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  19. I prefer Belegenda but Boplinda is appropriate too.

    Belegenda Carslayle
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