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Belinda Carlisle

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Deleted member 312, Nov 8, 2009.

  1. What is this?

  2. it's been mentioned a few pages back. Nothing too exciting TBF.
  3. Real doesn't get enough love.
  4. for a reason
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  5. Although Lay Down Your Arms clicked with me recently. It doesnt sound miles away from her best hits
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  6. Big Scary Animal, Lay Down Your Arms and Too Much Water were great. I just remember being really excited about getting the album, loving Animal and the artwork and then not really playing it that much which was a first for me as I had all her older albums in rotation for months when they were new.
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  7. Tell Me is the only song I don't have time for, the rest are Boplinda-doing-a-roadhouse-intimate-set brilliant.

    Though it must be said a lot of the tracks drag on way longer than needed.
  8. I just remembered a french guy once didn't know who Belinda Carlisle was and checking Wiki, she has no French entries at all, not even Heaven Is A Place On Earth, I'm losing my mind. Do we have any French people that can spill?
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  9. Was Voila her revenge?!
  10. 'deliberately flopped in France so I could live there' vibes.
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  11. Real pales in comparison to every one of her Belinda-Woman era albums but is deceptively solid. Too Much Water, Goodbye Day and One With You are as great as the two singles, and Windows of the World slaps too. Definitely her first album with substantial filler though.
  12. I love Real. I listen to it way more than A Woman and A Man and Live Your Life Be Free.

    The only clunker for me is One With You.
  13. Not this, slandering my favourite track on the album!
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  14. One With You was also slated to be the third single.
  15. The Go Go's are supporting Billy Idol on his UK (and I assume elsewhere) tour next year. The real reason her solo tour was pur back to 2023...
  16. I wish she didn’t prioritise GoGos over her solo career. I know it’s because they were considered bigger… or at least more noteworthy in the US than her solo career and while interest still persists it just encourages them but part of me wants them to fall out so Belinda can do a 30th anniversary tour of Live Your Life Be Free!
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  17. Well, they do tend to fall out every couple of years and, judging from last year's documentary, they still have several unresolved issues.
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  18. Especially when you consider in the UK the GoGo’s didn’t really have any major commercial success.
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