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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Deleted member 312, Nov 8, 2009.

  1. Why are they not releasing the new compilation on cd ?
  2. Yeah I would say people only know them for Our lips are sealed but through the (far superior) Fun boy three version.
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  3. As an 80s/90s UK kid pre internet I had no idea who the GoGos were until probably the early 00s. I just assumed, as I’m sure a lot of people in the UK did that Belinda was just a new solo singer.

    EDIT: As a chart geek I remember “Has the Whole World Lost It’s Head” from 1994, I think that’s when I clicked that Belinda was the Lead Singer of the GoGos, I probably learned it from the Chart show or pop up video.
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  4. I don't think her prioritizing the Go-Go's is about notoriety - it's about money. The Go-Go's are legends here in the US; solo Belinda is not. And remember, this is a much bigger market than the UK.
    Because it's for National Album Day, which is a vinyl event. I'm sure Get Together will be tacked onto Demon's next Belinda compilation of the month.
  5. I live in the US and have wanted to see a solo Belinda tour. So when she randomly popped up in a neighboring state doing a solo tour I jumped right on it. Being a BC freak I was happy. I prefer her solo stuff to the Gogos though I like a few of their songs. What was noteworthy the last song she played was We Got The Beat and that song got the biggest reaction to anything she played of her solo work.
  6. I weirdly love that she's famous for her Go Go stuff in the US but not so much her solo, and the inverse in Europe. It's strangely iconic.
  7. The UK had Bananarama and The Belle Stars so didn't need another girl group I suppose. I think solo Belinda (Heaven onwards) was pure glamour and gloss and her style just fitted in here. She sort of had the star status of your Madonna and Janet but more accessible I guess.
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  8. I think the fact that Belinda had longer solo success in the UK than in the US has also helped solidify her more as a solo artist in the UK.

    Once Leave a Light On missed the top ten in America, she was basically over in the US. However the Runaway Horses campaign continued to be successful in the UK. She also continued to chart well in the UK throughout the '90s.

    She had hits with Mad About You, Heaven is a Place on Earth, I Get Weak and Circle in the Sand in North America, but I don't think any of those songs are viewed as iconic as We Got the Beat (although they pretty much charted as high as We Got the Beat). Also, I think the fact that a girl group who played their own instruments and wrote their own songs became a big part of their narrative, and I think that's why the Go-Go's get more notice in the US.
  9. It's also the fact a generation of kids grew up with the Go Go's, they were a movement in America, if you were a kid when their debut smashed you love them, and that audience will always be there for them. Heaven was a big hit but nowhere near that important as an era.
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  10. It’s odd even though I search out every unreleased Belinda solo song I have zero interest in the Go Go’s and don’t know any of the songs outside the hits. The Go Go’s tour is definitely aimed at those people who grew up with them because Heaven is a more universally recognised song - and one of the defining hits of the late 80s - more than anything by the GoGos. You just need to look at the Spotify numbers to see that.
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  11. I'm the same only know the big hits but the very good doc about them last year made me appreciate the albums more.
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  12. Same hare. I need to compile a list and make sure I have them all.
  13. I prefer Belinda's solo career but I must admit, I was too young to experience the original Go-Go's run. My introduction to Belinda was through Mad About You, so her solo career made the first impact on me and has always been a bit more special to me.

    I've grown to appreciate a lot of Go-Go's songs, especially Head Over Heels, which I think is one of the best songs of the '80s along with Mad About You.

    I agree with @Vasilios that the Go-Go's documentary is really worth seeing. I wish I had gotten to experience the early '80s when their first album became a smash. But the documentary does a great job covering that time period.
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  14. In the UK it felt like Belinda just appeared out of nowhere with Heaven is a Place on Earth and it was HUGE. She just seemed like a really sophisticated act compared to a lot of the UK stuff at the time. She was a ‘big pop girl’ while I was growing up and everyone knew her songs. She’s still a big deal over here!
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  15. Yeah it was one of those cases were the solo career took off on its own and not a 'Robbie goes solo' scenario where he had a leg up. Of course Belinda's leg up was Heaven is a Place on Earth which was THE song for a while that year - and still is. I was 14 and everyone instantly loved her just from seeing the video a few times on Greek TV.
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  16. Bizarre to think her self-titled album wasn’t really a thing in the U.K. and it just seemed like Heaven Is a Place On Earth was her debut single.
  17. Yeah, I assumed Mad About You was a global smash but was shocked at the peak number for it in the UK.
  18. I had never heard Mad About You until a couple of years ago. I absolutely love it now though. I’d say 99% of the UK GP think Heaven is Belindas debut single.
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  19. I was shocked to learn the Mad About You was slated to go on the fourth GoGos album that never happened. So Belinda took the song for her solo album.
  20. I think it is worth noting that Heaven is beloved among millennials here in the US, much more so than We Got the Beat or Our Lips Are Sealed - and the latter even had a Hilary Duff cover to help it out there!

    I don't really know why it is, either. Its use in Black Mirror helped, but it was already established as a favorite in my Tumblr circles well before that.

    But yeah, among X-ers and boomers, Beat and Lips are legendary, whereas Heaven is merely a well-known song like Hold On or You Spin Me Round or whatever.
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