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Belinda Carlisle

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Deleted member 312, Nov 8, 2009.

  1. Mad About You just wasn't big enough to launch her where she wasn't known.
    The shock when it was re-released in the UK summer of 1988.
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  2. Get Together has been added as a single on Spotify.
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  3. I had no idea this was a thing. Glad it got some attention in the U.K. at least.

    I caved and bought the Nobody Knows Me vinyl, the track list is just so lacklustre at only 9 tracks, but, I’m kinda glad I have it now.
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  4. I’m also not sure how Get Together fits on it
  5. According to Amazon, the Life Your Life Be Free boxset has been pushed back again to December 3rd.
  6. By Beldina Carlaisle
  7. I keep hearing a song on the radio that samples Live Your Life Be Free, is it new? I’m not sure who it’s credited to. It might be this? (From 2017)

  8. It's this and it's new. Radio 1 have it on heavy rotation, lovely to know Belinda is on the airwaves!

  9. Queen of sexually liberated Gen Z-ers
  10. I knew she wouldn’t get a credit but I hope this sparks some interest in her back catalogue!
  11. She ought to - it’s just a remix of her track! There’s nothing much else to it that wouldn’t just be a mix in the past.
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  12. Zero mention of her in the credits on the YouTube link either.
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  13. Ridiculous. Some DJ type adds some beats and tries to blag it as his own… it’s not really even a sample, it’s the main refrain of the whole track
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  14. I just wish it included the bridge before the chorus. One of the most soaring pieces of music ever!

    "if you want me I'll be there, to run my fingers through your hair"

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  15. It’s no Higher Love (Kygo Remix) is it.
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  16. I'm not exaggerating when I say I think it's place in Romy & Michelle has really cemented Heaven as a classic to a slightly younger generation. That's how I first heard it and I know it is always referenced when it plays at my get togethers. I actually cannot hear it without thinking of Christy's skirt flying up and shouting "BILLLLLLY".
  17. Listening to the Nobody Owns Me vinyl, a side there only being 9 tracks (one studio album taking up 4 of those songs), Get Together is really nice and I’d welcome more of this, and then I realised she’s been putting out random songs on those anniversary editions, and now I’m wondering if there is enough of these miscellaneous songs from the last decade to warrant an album?
  18. I can’t get enough of Live Your Life Be Free at the moment.
  19. It really is an anthem isn't it? Belinda was very much Girl Power before the Spice Girls.
  20. It’s always been a favourite of mine. That middle 8 is heaven.
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