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Belinda Carlisle

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Deleted member 312, Nov 8, 2009.

  1. I really do like this, and indeed, nice to see Belinda and this feel good classic, get some due/respect in 2021 too.
  2. Her Loleatta Holloway moment.
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  3. Ride Your Life On Time.

    What a mashup that would be.
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  4. A moment.
  5. Love rare gems like these. Thanks a bunch.
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  6. My Live Your Life Be Free 30th anniversary vinyl arrived today and it’s gorgeous. I don’t have much issue with Belinda rereleasing vinyls when they’re as well done as this.
  7. I cancelled my order because there's been so many releases in this last Quarter of the year, but I'm so tempted to cave and just order it, they don't seem to come down in price judging by the other box sets. Woman & A Man has been my favourite release, mainly because it's so great to finally have this album on vinyl.
  8. That artwork is truly something stunning.
  9. Spoilers if you haven't seen the Chucky tv show and want to watch it. (Yes I'm in the correct thread)

  10. It’s been a rough year marked by death, sickness, and a host of melodrama. So I finally feel like myself after a long soak, and the first song that came to my stress-free mind…

    To be frank, I hadn’t expected this. But that made it all the sweeter. The unassuming healing power of Belinda.
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  11. Record Store Day 2022 !
    The Heaven On Earth Tour
    180g Blue Vinyl - first time on vinyl - Celebrating 35 years of Belinda Carlisle as a solo artist, this 2LP live recordings includes versions of all of Belinda's biggest hits inclusing 'Heaven Is A Place On Earth', 'Circle In The Sand', 'Leave A Light On', 'Runaway Horses' and 'Summer Rain'. SIDE A
    A1 I Feel Free 00:04:19
    A2 Nobody Owns Me 00:03:23
    A3 World Without You 00:05:02
    A4 I Get Weak 00:05:18
    A5 Circle In The Sand 00:04:36
    TT: 22.38

    SIDE B
    B1 Fool For Love 00:03:59
    B2 Summer Rain 00:04:52
    B3 Should I Let You In? 00:04:23
    B4 Vision Of You 00:04:39
    B5 We Can Change 00:04:07
    TT: 22.00

    SIDE C
    C1 Valentine 00:05:21
    C2 (We Want) Same Thing 00:03:54
    C3 Leave A Light On 00:04:32
    C4 Heaven Is A Place On Earth 00:05:38
    TT: 19.25

    SIDE D
    D1 Big Scary Animal 00:05:02
    D2 Mad About You 00:03:58
    D3 Live Your Life Be Free 00:05:36
    D4 Runaway Horses 00:05:00
    D5 Love Never Dies 00:04:54
    TT: 24.30

    I really hope they bother releasing it on cd format !
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  12. 10/10 banger.
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  13. I see no lies here.
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  14. It’s a shame she’s disowned that track. The way it builds would make it a perfect live set/ concert opener instead of always going for runaway horses.

    Am looking forward to playing it again at my 1999 night!
  15. How can she not love All God's Children AS WELL as the amazing Always Breaking My Heart... madness!
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  17. I just hope she goes back to her pop/rock roots on it.
    That's enough yoga and french albums please.
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