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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Deleted member 312, Nov 8, 2009.

  1. Yes, better than nothing getting these.
  2. tbh she owes us fans some new material after the constant greatest hits/rereleases!
  3. To be fair Best of Belinda Vol. 1 was all killer no filler, so it didn't need any new tracks to further entice anyone really.
  4. One of the very best Best Off this, what an track list!!
  5. May we have a moment to appreciate Listen to Love - such a great son and th ebacking vocals on the chorus really make it. I'm going to have to buy the Woman & a Man box set. there's really not a duff song on the album
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  6. The Immaculate MORllection.
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  7. Justice for Kneel At Your Feet, I never see any love for this, but this is my favourite on the album, that 90s deep warm bass just does it for me. Also, the box set is gorgeous with plenty of extra tracks, including the amazing I Won't Say I'm In Love so I highly recommend!
    All Gods Children and A Prayer for Everyone would have made more sense on this deluxe, with there only being a few years apart and a closer sound than Real, but I guess they weren't planning on doing A Woman & A Man when they did Heaven-Real deluxe editions. I just need a Real vinyl box set now and I'll be happy, hopefully we'll get it.
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  8. Well, well, well.
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  9. Oooh, sounds very promising!
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  10. Well, I Get Weak would probably be my #1 for a Belinda rate so I welcome this...

    as long as it's not one of Warren's "give me an Oscar" songs. Give us a bop!
  11. “I Get Weak” 2.0? Belinda and Diane Warren is certainly not a pairing I ever thought we’d see again, but I’m all for anything that gets her back in the studio (as long as it’s not chanting). Now pick up the phone and call Rick Nowels, legend!
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  12. I Get Weak, is by far one of her all time best anthems for me, so yes, bring on more of the same please if so.
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  13. Belinda confirmed an EP with Diane Warren and an album with Gabe Lopez that’s finished. A bit concerned after looking at Gabe’s credits (drag race etc)
  14. Interesting, I guess just gotta wait and see.
  15. He produced Sun which is a bop, hopefully we’ll get the new music soon, glad it seems she’s returning to Pop.
    Edit: He also produced Wilder Shores… which, is concerning.
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  16. Interesting, I wonder which will come first, the EP or the album.
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  17. I only discovered a while ago that I Feel Free was a cover. She gave it a North America-only single release right?
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  18. As far as I know, yes. It didn't do very well. Not sure if it was chosen instead of one of the UK choices, or in addition to.
  19. The end of the Heaven On Earth singles run was a mess. World Without You, Love Never Dies & I Feel Free were all quite lovely album tracks, but it was very obvious they would flop as singles even before they were actually released.

    Fool For Love and Nobody Knows Me were right there, but no.
  20. I love I Feel Free and never understood why it turned into I Feel Floppy.
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