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Belinda Carlisle

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Deleted member 312, Nov 8, 2009.

  1. Well Belegenda Carslayle totally slayed The Gays at a packed out RVT tonight.

    Looking and sounding amazing, Belinda did a set at the end of a birthday fundraiser for the Animal People Alliance (including Live Your Life Be Free, (We Want) The Same Thing, Runaway Horses, Leave a Light On, I Get Weak, Heaven Is A Place On Earth)

    Over £40k was raised - somebody bid £3,800 to sing Summer Rain on stage with Belinda.

    Lady Colin Campbell was also there!
  2. Sounds like quite a night! That setlist is pop perfection.
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  3. I saw her at the Let’s Rock event here and she was very good. Same set list except for she did Circle In The Sand instead of Runaway Horses.
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  4. I always wish I could like Circle In The Sand more than I could. It's one my of least favourites of from the classic era of 87-91 of hers.
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  5. The event I was at, other than Heaven, it had the loudest singalong and reception.
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  6. Same, and it's my mother's favorite so I heard it a lot growing up. Definitely weaker than the entirety of Runaway Horses, and probably just outside my Top 5 from Heaven.
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  7. Talking of mums mine’s top 3 would be Leave A Light On, Circle In The Sand and La Luna. I heard these a lot in the house growing up.
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  8. I think La Luna is quite underrated.
  9. 100%

    It's exceptional. That chorus is incredible.
  10. What? Nooo. It was always my favourite as a kid. The album was my first album I owned on cassette and I adored it.
  11. Circle In The Sand is in my Top 5 Belinda. Everything about it is so evocative of time and place.

    Love La Luna as well, which is such a bittersweetly romantic song.
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  12. La Luna was massive in Greece luckily. Whenever we have a full moon people post the song or sing it.
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  13. I've grown to love Circle in the Sand. All the Heaven singles are perfection, as are the Runaway Horses singles.
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  14. Yep, sorry but for me it just goes nowhere.
  15. I can't even look at you right now...
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  16. [​IMG]
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  17. I'm always surprised by the disfavour 'Circle in the Sand' is shown on here. It's a brilliant song. That Heaven is a Place on Earth/I Get Weak/Circle in the Sand run of singles was just perfect - each great but offering something slightly different from the others.

    By contrast, Runaway Horses seems very over-rated to me. Of the singles, the title track is the only one that really clicked with me, and the only two big UK hits (Leave a Light On and We Want the Same Thing) lacked the charm of the Heaven on Earth singles. If anything, I preferred Live Your Life Be Free and its singles.
  18. Circle In the Sand is one of my all time favourite go-to 80s summer songs, especially with a walk on the beach.
  19. Circle in the Sand is gorgeous.
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  20. I agree.

    Still think ''Love Never Dies'' should've been left as an album track & ''Nobody Owns Me'' released as the final single instead.
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